London Number Theory Seminar

The London Number Theory Seminar is held weekly, on Wednesdays, during term time. The location of the seminar cycles between KCL, Imperial College and UCL.

This term (Summer 2015), the seminar will be hosted by Kings College, and will be held on Wednesdays starting at 4pm. The talks will be in room S4.23 of the Department of Mathematics, starting on Wed 22nd April. The talks will be preceded by tea at 3:30 in S5.21 moves to 4:30).

Mahesh Kakde and Igor Wigman are the organizers of the seminar this term; titles and full abstracts for this term's talks are available from his web pages here.

In brief:

22/04/15: Two seminars.

22/04/15: 2:30 Jack Shotton (Imperial): "Local Galois deformation rings when l != p."
22/04/15: 4:00 Christophe Breuil (Paris) "Classicality on Eigenvarieties"

29/04/15 4.00 Victor Beresnevich (York) Title: Badly approximable numbers

06/05/15 4.00 Wansu Kim (KCL)
Title: Rapoport-Zink spaces of Hodge type and applications to Shimura varieties

13/05/15 4.00 Anne-Maria Ernvall-Hytonen (Helsinki)
Title: On Baker type bounds and generalised transcendence measure

20/05/15 4.00 Samuele Anni (Warwick)
Title: TBA

27/05/15 4.00 Engeniy Zorin (York)
Title: Diophantine properties of Mahler numbers

03/06/15 4.00 Pär Kurlberg (KTH)
Title: TBA

10/06/15 4.00 Jon Keating (Bristol)
Title: Divisor Sums in Function Fields

17/06/15 4.00 Alex Gorodnik (Bristol)
Title: TBA

24/06/15 4.00 Daniel Fiorilli
Title: Chebyshev's bias for elliptic curves over function fields

The seminar will be preceded by the Study Group, which this term is on Euler Systems.

A list of previous seminar talks is here.

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