I'm Kevin Buzzard (click for picture) and here is my virtual tutee Xena's blog!

Position: Professor at Imperial College in London.
Office: 660, Huxley Building.
Extension: 48523

Postal Address:
Department of Mathematics,
Imperial College,
180 Queen's Gate,
London SW7 2AZ,

Tel: 020 7594 8523 (or +44 20 7594 8523 from abroad).
Fax: 020 7594 8517
Email: [replace mylastname with my last name]


My publications and preprints.

Other research-related stuff including a whole bunch of my unpublished notes.


Here is a link to my teaching web page, and here is a direct link to M1F 2017-18. M1F also has a blackboard page but it's only available to undergraduates.

Other bits and bobs.

I am a member of the Editorial Board for the London Mathematical Society Student Texts book series. See my name in lights here.

The London Number Theory Seminar (and related stuff).

My CV.

Information about mailing lists (that a number theorist in London might want to be on).

Cassels - Froehlich. In January 2010 I was suddenly gripped by a desire to collate all errata that everyone knew in the classic textbook "Algebraic number theory" by Cassels and Fröhlich. Part of my motivation was that the London Mathematical Society (LMS) was going to reprint the book and it seemed to me (and the LMS) that there would be no harm in including a few pages of errata. The errata are almost all of a completely trivial or typographical nature, but a couple of them could throw the unwary. The errata are currently on display here [last updated 13/05/2012].

Stuff that has now been relegated to the bottom.

From October to December 2008 I ran a number theory video seminar, broadcasting to anyone in the UK with access to an "access grid room". The page for that is here.

Joel and Zak's page, and Kezia's stuff.

In an attempt to fool a well-known search engine I once decided to put up a link to a picture of something that has very little if anything to do with automorphic forms (back by popular request) (hey it worked! Try going to google images and searching for automorphic forms).

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's...

This is my old list of junk (from 1996! Do any of the links work any more?).
This is another old list of junk (from 2001, the last time I had a chance to surf the internet).

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