London Number Theory Study group

UCL King's Imperial College

The London Number Theory Study Group holds termly series of talks on topics of general interest to London's number theorists.

Now both algebraic and analytic number theory are well represented in London there are sometimes two study groups running at the same time.

The study groups this term (Autumn 2019) are at Imperial.

The algebraic study group starts on 9th Oct; it will be on the paper "Diophantine problems and p-adic period mappings" by Brian Lawrence and Akshay Venkatesh. It is co-organised by Alexei Skorobogatov and Ana Caraiani. There will be two talks per week, 1200-1330 and 1400-1530, in Huxley 340. More information is in this pdf [note: last updated 26h Oct 2019].

The analytic study group: we have Huxley 130 booked 1300 to 1600.

There will then be tea and coffee from 1530--1600 in 549 and then we have the London Number Theory Seminar 1600--1700.

A list of previous study groups is here.

There are two mailing lists for number theory in London:

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