Global Online MBA FAQ's


If you are unable to find the answers to your questions here, please contact our Recruitment Team who will be happy to help. 

The Program

Our Global Online MBA programme seamlessly combines theory and practice and offers you the opportunity to tailor your MBA programme to your individual educational goals and interests.

You will gain knowledge and skills essential in today’s business world through the programme’s core modules, as well as knowledge and skills specific to your areas of interest and career aspirations through the variety of electives available. You’ll be able to immediately apply what you’ve learnt through the programme to your workplace, so you’ll be able to work towards achieving your career goals from the outset.

Each core and elective course lasts for 10 weeks. You will need to devote a minimum of 15 hours each week to study.

The content of the Global Online MBA consists of the following key components:

Download a copy of the timetable to get an idea of how the course will be structured. Imperial College Business School reserves the right to make changes to the above timetable at any point.

The Global Online MBA has two intakes per year: January and September.

The programme can be completed in two years. There’s also the option to pause the programme for up to two years should your circumstances require. This will be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

All candidates will spend three weeks on campus in total as part of the programme. At the start of the first year you will spend one week on campus for the programme induction. At the start of the second year you will spend two weeks consecutively on campus to complete the Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Design Course.

As an Imperial College Business School student, you are welcome to visit the campus and use the facilities as often as you like.

Should you wish to increase your study time on-campus, you have the option of taking up to two face-to-face electives in your second year*.

*Electives not offered online.

During your second year you will select 5 electives from our elective portfolio. They will provide you with the opportunity to specialise in an area of particular interest or to explore new avenues.

See the full list of electives.

You must complete your 5 electives over two terms and can adjust how many you take in each term according to your personal circumstances.

You also have the option of taking up to two electives on-campus*, should you wish more face-to-face study time.

*Electives not offered online.

The Global MBA offers a flexible and blended learning experience through online lectures, activities, assignments and projects on par with any on-campus programme.

All programme materials are available online, on-demand through our virtual learning platform, The Hub, which is tablet and mobile compatible.

See The Hub demo to learn more.

You will gain the benefits of peer-learning by working in small syndicate groups on group projects and attending regular interactive seminars, as well as meeting up on-campus to take on more challenging projects together such as the Innovation Entrepreneurship and Design Course.

The Global Online MBA is a high-engagement programme that requires you to collaborate and communicate on a regular basis with your classmates, tutors and faculty.

The programme is delivered through our bespoke online learning platform, The Hub, which has been purpose-built in-house by our award-winning Education Technology Unit. The Hub provides you with everything you need to be able to stay connected with your classmates and tutors at any time of day. You can share articles via the news feed, chat using the communication panel and attend live interactive seminars.

See The Hub demo to learn more.

You can expect around 15 hours of study in a typical study week, depending on your pace of study and academic goals.

This is a rigorous MBA programme which will require commitment and self-motivation. The workload is as demanding as any on-campus MBA programme.

The programme uses a combination of exams, projects and coursework to assess you both group and individual. Exams are taken in person, in regional exam centres around the world.

See a list of regional exam centres.

Read more about assessments.

On completion of the Global Online MBA, you will receive an MBA certificate. Your degree certificate will not mention the mode of study.

Entry requirements and the application process

To be eligible to apply for the programme, you would normally have:

  • 5 years’ relevant postgraduate work experience
  • At least a Lower Second Class Honours degree OR international equivalent OR recognised professional qualification
  • English language test results (if applicable)

Find out more information about entry requirements.

If you’re a strong candidate but have just missed out on the academic requirement, you may be able to apply to the programme as a ‘special case’. Special case applications will be considered on an individual basis. Please contact the Global Online MBA Recruitment team to discuss if this applies to you.

We’re unable to accept applications from those who have less than the required work experience.

English language waivers will be considered on a case by case basis.

Please contact the Global Online MBA Recruitment team to discuss the possibility of a waiver.

Contact us

Our Global Online MBA has two intakes a year – January and September. As the program is highly competitive we recommend you apply as early as possible.

All applications are made online – we do not accept paper applications.

Please refer to the application process to see which documents you are required to submit with your application.

Find out more

Application deadlines can be found on our application process page.

Places are limited, so we would encourage you to apply early to secure your place on the programme and have ample time to prepare for your MBA.


The Global Online MBA attracts students from all over the world and from a wide range of sectors, offering you a diverse cohort that will build your network from day one of the programme.

As an Imperial College Business School student, you will have access to our global network of over 12,000 alumni.

Read more about how we engage our alumni network.

You can start making connections today through our Imperial College Business School MBA LinkedIn group.

The Global Online MBA will give you the opportunity to complete your MBA programme from anywhere in the world without having to put your career on hold. You will be able to apply your learning immediately to your career and progress faster towards your goals.

As an Imperial College Business School student, you will have unlimited access to our dedicated Career and Professional Development Service, made up of a team of expert career consultants. You will be assigned a personal coach for one-to-one mentoring throughout the programme to help unleash your leadership potential.

Read more about careers support.

Admitted students

You should respond to your offer online within 28 days of the full conditions being available on eService.

1. Log in to student eService

2. Click on the ‘My Applications’ pencil icon

3. Select the ‘Applications’ tab

4. Click on the ‘Respond’ link under the ‘Action’ heading

5. Enter your response using the drop-down menu under the heading ‘Offer Response’

Please e-mail our ICT helpdesk if you can’t log in or have any other problems with eService.

You can start making connections today through our Imperial College Business School MBA LinkedIn group.

A Tier 4 visa is not required for this programme. International students from outside the EU and EEA will be required to obtain a student visitor visa for the on-campus periods of the programme.

Students can make some simple preparations for starting the MBA programme, such as regularly reading The Economist, Financial Times and other business publications.

All Global Online MBA students will also need to complete the pre-study courses online before the start of the programme. The Accounting primer, Mathematics primer and Quantitative Methods course will be available through the Hub from 6-8 weeks before the programme starts. These are compulsory elements which you will be tested on but they do not contribute to the overall mark of your distance learning MBA.

Read more about pre-study modules.

If you would like to defer your offer of admission to the next intake, please contact the Global Online MBA Recruitment team to request this. If your deferral is approved, you will be given an offer for the following intake.

It’s best to complete any remaining conditions of offer this year, so that the process is simplified next year. You will be asked to pay the 10% deposit if you have not already done so.

It is not normally possible to defer an offer of admission by more than one academic year.

Contact us

You’ll be required to complete the below conditions, if you haven’t already, before your offer can be made unconditional.

Original degree certificate and transcripts

You’ll need to post your original degree certificate and degree transcripts with translations, if necessary, to the Global Online MBA Recruitment team.

Proof of English language

If you’ve met the English language requirement with IELTS or TOEFL scores, please email a scanned copy of your result certificate to the Global MBA Recruitment team.

If you’ve met the English language requirement with any other test or qualification, you’ll need to post your original results certificate to the Global MBA Recruitment team.

See a list of accepted English standards.

Sponsorship letter

  • Be an original document on headed paper
  • Be signed and/or stamped
  • Be addressed to Imperial College London, or at least clearly state that Imperial is the institution you will be attending
  • State the name of the course that you will be studying
  • State that your tuition fees will be paid in full (preferably stating the amount)
  • Provide a contact name and the full address of the organisation (as this is where the invoice will be sent)


If you have an outstanding reference, you can ask your referee to email the reference to the Global MBA Recruitment team directly from their professional email address.

References from personal email address, such as Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail, will not be accepted.

Alternatively, your referee can post their reference to the Recruitment team. This must:

  • Be written on headed paper
  • Be signed and dated by the referee
  • Be submitted in a sealed envelope with the referee’s signature across the seal


You’ll be required to pay a deposit of 10% of the tuition fees to secure your place on the programme.

All documents should be posted to:

The Global MBA Recruitment Team

Imperial College Business School

Tanaka Building

South Kensington Campus

London SW7 2AZ

United Kingdom

We recommend that you send your documents by recorded delivery.

Once you’ve completed your offer conditions, you will be able to formally register online for your programme up to one month before your programme starts.

You’ll need to upload a picture of yourself for your student ID card, so please ensure you have access to a digital photo for upload before you commence the online registration process.

  • Log in to our eservice portal
  • Click on the ‘My Student Details’ icon
  • Click on the ‘Online Registration’ tab
  • An error message will appear if you need to enter vital information in other areas of student eservice before continuing with registration
  • You’ll need to enter a term time address – if you don’t have one yet, just enter your home address to proceed with registration
  • Once all vital information is entered, read the notice and check the box that indicates you accept the terms and conditions and follow the instructions on the subsequent pages
  • You’ll now be registered and can print off confirmation of this from Student e-Service. You will be given your ID card at your Induction Day if you register up to two weeks before your programme starts and upload a passport-sized photograph. If you register after this date, you will need to visit the ID card office in Room 169, Level 1, Sherfield Building for your photograph to be taken and your student ID card to be issued. The Monday to Friday opening times are as follows: 0830 to 1030, 1200 to 1400, 1545 to 1645
  • If you have any difficulties registering, please contact the Registry.

Fees and funding

You can find the most up-to-date information regarding tuition fees on our Fees and funding page.

You can find information regarding deposits on our Fees and funding page.

You can find information regarding payment instalments on our Fees and funding page.

You can find out more information about scholarship opportunities on our Scholarships page.

The Global Online MBA offers a fully-fledged MBA experience and all the advantages of our MBA programmes taught on campus. The primarily online format enables us to deliver this MBA experience to those who are unable to come to our campus on a regular basis, or who require a greater degree of flexibility.

Dr Paolo TaticchiGlobal Online MBA Programme Director