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DynamIC Seminars (Complete List)

Name Title Date Time Room
Marian Mrozek (Uniwersytet Jagiellonski )Topological Methods in Combinatorial DynamicsAbstract: The ease of collecting enormous amounts of data in the present world together with problems in gaining useful knowledge out of it stimulate the development of mathematical tools to deal with the situation. In particular, in the case of data collected from dynamic processes, the methods developed for computer assisted proofs in dynamics have been adapted to the new challenges. Closely related to the techniques of multivalued maps used in computer assisted proofs in dynamics are the methods centered around the concept of combinatorial vector field, a concept introduced twenty years ago by R. Forman. In the talk I will review some recent results concerning topological invariants for combinatorial vector fields and their extensions. Tuesday, 19 January 2021 13:00 Online
Andrei Agrachev (SISSA, Trieste)Control of Diffeomorphisms with Applications to Deep LearningAbstract: Abstract: Given a control system on a smooth manifold M, any admissible control function generates a flow, i.e. a one-parametric family of diffeomorphisms of M. We give a sufficient condition for the system that guarantees the existence of an arbitrary good uniform approximation of any isotopic to the identity diffeomorphism by an admissible diffeomorphism and provide simple examples of control systems on \mathbb R^n, \mathbb T^n and \mathbb S^2 that satisfy this condition. This work is a joint work with A. Sarychev (Florence) motivated by the deep learning of artificial neural networks treated as a kind of interpolation technique. Tuesday, 26 January 2021 13:00 Online

DynamIC Workshops and Mini-Courses (Complete List)

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Short-term DynamIC Visitors (Complete List)

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