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DynamIC Seminars (Complete List)

Name Title Date Time Room
Vasiliki Evdoridou (The Open University)Spiders’ webs in the punctured planeAbstract: Many authors have studied sets associated with the dynamics of transcendental entire functions which have the topological property of being a spider's web. A spider’s web is a connected set which contains `loops’ that surround each other. We consider the analogue of this structure in the punctured plane, and study its connection with the usual spider's web. The escaping set, which plays a key role in the iteration of transcendental entire functions, is defined for transcendental self-maps of the punctured plane to consist of the points whose orbit accumulates at a subset of {0,infinity}. We construct the first example of a transcendental self-map of the punctured plane whose escaping set is a spider’s web and hence it is connected. This is joint work with D. Marti-Pete and D. Sixsmith. Tuesday, 15 October 2019 13:00 HXLY 341
Disheng Xu (Imperial College London)Centralizer of smooth dynamical systems with certain hyperbolicity.Abstract: This will be an introductory talk.
The centralizer Z(f) of a diffeomorphism f is the set of diffeomorphisms g that commute with f. In other words, Z(f) is the group of symmetries of f, where "symmetries" is meant the classical sense: coordinate changes leave the dynamics of the system unchanged. For certain algebraic examples, they may have exceptional large symmetry group, i.e. the centralizer contains a non-trivial Lie group. For example, the centralizer of the time-1 map f_0 of the geodesic flow of a negatively curved surface contains R, etc.
A natural question is: how about the symmetry group of a perturbation of f_0? This relates to one of the classical questions in perturbation theory: if a diffeomorphism belongs to a smooth flow, which perturbations also belong to a smooth flow. In this talk we will show some background knowledge and basic ideas of some recent results in this direction, joint works with D. Damjanovic and with D. Damjanovic, A. Wilkinson.
Tuesday, 22 October 2019 13:00 HXLY 341
Simon Baker (University of Birmingham)tbaAbstract: tba Tuesday, 29 October 2019 13:00 HXLY 341
Rhiannon Dougall (University of Bristol)Growth of periodic orbits for Anosov flows in covering manifolds and amenabilityAbstract: tba Tuesday, 5 November 2019 13:00 HXLY 341
Paul Glendinning (University of Manchester)Robust Chaos RevisitedAbstract: Sebastian van Strien wrote a short paper explaining the role (or lack of it) of robust chaos for smooth maps. I will show that with a little reformulation it can be useful for piecewise smooth maps and fill in some missing pieces from the literature. I will also describe some extensions using ideas of geometric continuity of attractors. Much of this is joint work with David Simpson (Massey, Palmerston North, NZ). Tuesday, 12 November 2019 13:00 HXLY 341

DynamIC Workshops and Mini-Courses (Complete List)

Title Date Venue
Workshop on Critical Transitions in Complex SystemsMonday, 25 March 2019 – Friday, 29 March 2019Imperial College London

Short-term DynamIC Visitors (Complete List)

Matheus Manzatto UNICAMP Monday, 1 July 2019 Tuesday, 31 December 2019 Lamb