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Kevin Webster

EPSRC Postdoc


Phone: +44(207)59-48507
Room: 631 Huxley Building
I am a postdoctoral researcher in the department of mathematics at Imperial College London.

Research Interests

My current research is focussed on developing techniques for the numerical study of set-valued maps, in order to allow the computation of certain invariant sets of dynamical systems. My other interests with the field of dynamical systems include:
  • Reversible equivariant bifurcation theory
  • Functional-analytic techniques for homoclinic bifurcations


[1] Webster, K. N & Elgin, J. N. (2003), `Asymptotic analysis of the Michelson system', Nonlinearity 16, 2149--2162.

[2] Webster, K. N (2003), 'Bifurcations in Reversible Systems with Application to the Michelson System', PhD Thesis, Imperial College London.

[3] Lamb, J. S. W., Teixeira, M. A. & Webster, K. N. (2005), `Heteroclinic Bifurcations near Hopf-Zero Bifurcation in Reversible Vector Fields in R^3', Journal of Differential Equations 219, 78--115.

[4] Webster, K. N & Beardmore, R. (2008), `Normal Forms, Quasi-Invariant Manifolds and Bifurcations of Nonlinear Difference-Algebraic Equations', SIAM J Math Analysis 40 413--441.

[5] Liebscher, S., Haerterich, J., Webster, K.N. & Georgi, M. (2011), 'Ancient dynamics in Bianchi models: Approach to periodic cycles', Communications in Mathematical Physics 305, 59--83.

[6] Knobloch, J., Lamb, J. S. W.and Webster, K. N. (2014), 'Using Lin's Method to Solve Bykov's Problems', Journal of Differential Equations 257, 2984--3047.

Submitted articles

[7] Rasmussen, M., Rieger, J. and Webster, K. N. (2014), 'Approximation of reachable sets using optimal control and support vector machines', submitted.

In Preparation

[8] Georgi, M., Jukes, A., Lamb, J. S. W. & Webster, K.N. (2013), 'Homoclinic Period Blow-Up and the Detection of Multipulse Solutions in Lattice Differential Equations'.