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Department of Mathematics
Imperial College London
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London Algebra Colloquium

I organize the LAC when it meets at Imperial College; it will be here for Autumn Term 2017.

My Research Interests

Group theory; representation theory; combinatorics

Some current and recent projects

(This list is not comprehensive.)

Data [html, PDF] on derangements of Sn acting on k-sets which Mark Wildon and I computed several years ago using MAGMA. [Each entry gives the proportion of derangements in the group in its action on k-sets. The highlighted entries indicate failure of monotonicity along the rows, which we were investigating at the time.] The computations have been written up here.


Some mathematical people: Simon Blackburn, Peter Cameron, David Evans, Ben Fairbairn, Jason Fulman, Nick Gill, Stephen Glasby, Bob Guralnick, Charles Leedham-Green, Martin Liebeck, John MacQuarrie, Attila Maróti, Peter Neumann, Eamonn O'Brien, Cheryl Praeger, Sarah Rees, Amps Rattan, Jeremy Rickard, Neil Saunders, Tony Skyner, Pablo Spiga, Mark Wildon.

Some mathematical places: Bristol Maths, Cambridge Pure Maths, Imperial Maths, Leeds Maths, Newcastle Maths, Oxford Maths Institute, Pembroke College Cambridge, St Anne's College Oxford, London Mathematical Society, London Algebra Colloquium, MAGMA.