Invited talks at seminars and conferences, and academic visits

2019     Vienna Congress on Mathematical Finance, Vienna, Austria, September
2018     Computational Financial Econometric Conference, Pisa, Italy, December
    International Conference on Control, Games and Stochastic Analysis, Hammamet, Tunisia, October
    16th Conference on Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics, Rhodes, Greece, September
    International Workshop on Applied Probability, Budapest, June
    Long-range fractional processes in finance, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, June
    Stochastic Analysis and its Applications, Oaxaca, Mexico, May
    Risk and Stochastics Conference, LSE - Winton Capital, April
    Second workshop on stochastic analysis with applications in finance, insurance and economics, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, March
    Mathematical Finance and Related Issues, Osaka University Nakanoshima Center, Japan, March
    Statistics and Probability Seminar Series, Boston University, February
    Mathematical Finance Seminar, NYU Tandon School of Engineering, February
2017     Credit Suisse First Boston Quantitative Finance Seminar, New-York City, December
    Finance Seminar, Questrom School of Business, Boston University, November
    Mathematical Finance Seminar, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, November
    Probability and Computational Finance Seminar, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, November
    Mathematical Finance Seminar, Columbia University, NYC, September
    First Gran Sasso Workshop in Mathematical Finance, L'Aquila, Italy, September
    Global Derivatives, Barcelona, May
    Recent advances in Financial Mathematics, Paris, January,
2016     Nomura Mathematical finance seminar, Oxford, November,
    SIAM Conference on Financial Mathematics, Austin, November,
    CFMAR seminar, UCSB, Santa Barbara, November
    London Mathematical Finance Seminar Series, UCL, October,
    CSASC Meeting, Barcelona, Spain, September,
    9th Bachelier World Congress, New-York, USA, July,
    Second International Congress on Actuarial Science and Quantitative Finance, Cartagena, Colombia, June,
    Global Derivatives, Budapest, May
    Probability & Statistics Seminar, Wayne State University, Detroit, USA, April
2015     Finance Research Seminar, Aarhus, Denmark, November,
    International Conference on Stochastic Analysis and Applications, Hammamet, Tunisia, October,
    Workshop Mathematical Finance Beyond Classical Models, Institute for Theoretical Studies, ETH Zürich, September
    Workshop Current challenges in financial mathematics and economics, LSE, London, August
    Vienna Seminar in Mathematical Finance and Probability, Vienna, June
    Financial and Insurance Mathematics, ETH Zürich, June
    Stochastic Finance Seminar, Warwick University, June
    Seminar on Mathematical Finance, Numerical Probability and Statistics of Processes, LPMA, Paris, May
    Global Derivatives, Amsterdam, May
    University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, May
    CFMAR seminar, UCSB, Santa Barbara, April
    Financial Mathematics Seminar, Princeton University, April
2014     Stochastic analysis for risk modeling, Luminy, France, September
    Thematic Cycle on Robust Management in Finance, Paris, June
    AMS/IMU International Meeting, Tel Aviv, Israel, June
    Imperial / ETH Meeting, ETH Zürich, April
    Probability and Statistics Seminar, University of Manchester, March
    Risk and Stochastics Seminar, London School of Economics, February
    Advances in Financial Mathematics, Paris, January
2013     Stochastic processes and their statistics in Finance, Okinawa, Japan, October
    Imperial Workshop on Large Deviations Theory, Complexity & Networks, Imperial College London, July
    Fourth Annual meeting of the Lebanese Society for the Mathematical Sciences, Beirut, Lebanon, May
    Seminar on Mathematical Finance, Numerical Probability and Statistics of Processes, LPMA, Paris, February
2012     MATLAB Computational Finance Conference, Paris, October
    SIAM Conference on Financial Mathematics and Engineering, Minneapolis, USA, July
    MATLAB Computational Finance Conference, London, June
    Mathematical Finance Nomura Seminar, University of Oxford, June
    Department of Mathematics, Faculté des Sciences de Tunis, Tunisia, June
    3rd Annual Practical Quantitative Analysis in Commodities, London, May
    Probability and Computational Finance Seminar, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA, March
    Stochastic Analysis Seminar, University of Oxford, January
2011     Quant Congress Europe, London, UK, November
    Stochastic Analysis Seminar, Imperial College London, November
    Séminaire Bachelier, Paris, France, October
    Séminaire Chaire risque de crédit, Evry University, October.
    Petits Déjeuners de la Finance, Paris, France, July
    Wolfgang Pauli Institute (Mini-Course on Asymptotics in Finance), Vienna, Austria, June
    Séminaire de Modélisation stochastique et Finance, CERMICS-Ecoles des Ponts ParisTech, April.
    Risk & Stochastics Seminar, LSE, February.
2010     FAM Seminar, TU Wien, December
    Financial Mathematics Seminar, University of Chicago, November
    Third SMAI European summer school in financial mathematics, Paris, France, August
    6th World Congress of the Bachelier Finance Society, Toronto, Canada, June
    Workshop on Financial Derivatives and Risk Management, Toronto, Canada, May
    Financial Mathematics and Applied Probability Seminars, King's College London, May
    5th AMaMeF conference, Bled, Slovenia, May.
    Hedging the Unhedgeable, Current Developments in Valuation and Hedging in Incomplete Markets, Cass Business School, London, April.

...-2010     Spectral and Cubature methods in finance and econometrics, University of Leicester, June 2009
    4th AMaMeF conference, Alesund, Norway, May 2009
    Young researchers in Mathematics, Beyond Part III, University of Cambridge, April 2009
    Warwick Mathematical Institute, July 2008
    Evry University, December 2007
    London Graduate School in Mathematical Finance, December 2007
    London Graduate School in Mathematical Finance, March 2007