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Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation Spring Newsletter 2020


The Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation brings much-needed systems approaches to construction, supporting the transformation of construction through systems engineering leadership. This year we are celebrating 10 years of the Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation at Imperial College London. We value our close working relationships with industrial partners and members, including Laing O’Rourke, Project Production Institute, EDF Energy and Bentley Systems.

As the team has moved to remote working, we offer a variety of online ways for you to find out about our research, stay in touch, and join our seminars and events.


Planning resilient water management systems using systems engineering principles - In relation to water management, the question of how we go from where we are right now,  to the type of systems we are going to want within 50 to 100 years’ time is a complex one. It is a challenge in which Dr Ana Mijic,  is making recognised headway by applying systems engineering and integration principles to her research.....

The Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation 2020 Seminar Series

Future Infrastructure Design and Planning for (climate) Resilient Societies

The complexities of modern systems vital to civil infrastructure continues to increase with the overlap of many traditional silos of knowledge and activity brought about by the progression to digitisation. The impact of human activity and the speed in which societal transformation is occurring across the globe require transdisciplinary research that develops innovative tools and clear insight to enable informed decision-making for the systems we depend upon.


We remember the strong contributions to our team that were made by Saeed Tahmasebi, a Laing O’Rourke employee and part-time doctoral candidate, who tragically lost his life in the Iranian plane crash in January. Thanks to all those friends and colleagues who joined us at the memorial event. Imperial College has set up a Saeed Tahmasebi Prize. Please also see the Imperial tribute.

Recent journal papers and publications

Soman, R.K., Whyte, J., (forthcoming). Codification challenges for data science in construction, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management.

[Free Access to Author Copy]

Shi, F., Soman, R.K., Han, J., and Whyte, J.K. (forthcoming) Addressing adjacency constraints in rectangular floor plans using Monte-Carlo Tree Search, Automation in Construction.
[Free Access to Author Copy]

Hsu, PY., Aurisicchio, M., Angeloudis, P., Whyte, J. (forthcoming). Understanding and visualising schedule deviations in construction projects using Fault Tree Analysis, Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management.

Whyte, J. and Nussbaum, T. (forthcoming) Transition and temporalities: Spanning temporal boundaries as projects end and operations begin, Project Management Journal.
[Free Access to Author Copy]

Hattab, M.H.E., Theodoropoulos, G., Rong, X. and Mijic, A., (2020). Applying the Systems Approach to Decompose the SuDS Decision-Making Process for Appropriate Hydrologic Model Selection. Water, 12(3), p.632.

Whyte, J. (2019). Chapter 38: Smartphone, The Oxford Handbook of Media, Technology and Organization Studies, eds. Beyes, T., Holt, R., and Pias, C., Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK.
[Free Access to Author Copy]

Zhou, A.S.J., (2020). The Development of Platforms for Systemic Innovation by Modularization and Vertical Integration of Production Systems, 2020 DRUID PhD Academy Conference, Odense, Denmark, 16-17 January 2020.

Lu, Q., Chen, L., Li, S., and Pitt, M. (2020) Semi-automatic geometric digital twinning for existing buildings based on images and CAD drawings, Automation in Construction, vol 115, 103183.

Nikolic, D., Maftei, L., Whyte, J. (2019). Becoming familiar: how infrastructure engineers begin to use collaborative virtual reality in their interdisciplinary practice, Journal of Information Technology in Construction (ITcon), 24, pg. 489-508,

Owen, A., Janda. K.B., Simpson, K. (2019). Who are the ‘middle actors’ in sustainable construction and what do they need to know? SEEDS Proceedings of the 5th Annual SEEDS conference, Leeds, UK, 11-12 September 2019.

Zhou, S., L, Chen, and J. Whyte (2019). Information Exchange in Platform Approaches to Design for Manufacture and Assembly, 36th International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction W78 2019 Conference, Newcastle, UK, 18-20 September 2019.

Zhang, R., L. Mosca, and J. Whyte (2019). Regional innovation systems and the transformation of construction into a manufacturing process, 35th Association of Researchers in Construction Management Conference, Leeds, UK, 2-4 September 2019.


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