Pre-Master's Course

Hit the ground running from day one of your MSc programme

This two-week study course covering study skills and academic English preparation for international students will help you achieve success on your Master’s programme. The course is suitable for you if you have received an offer to join one of our Master's programmes starting in September 2016.

Why should you take this course?

Your MSc programme at Imperial College Business School will be demanding, not just in terms of subject matter, but also in the range of practical skills you’ll need to demonstrate. The Pre-Master's Course will strengthen your written skills, help you to communicate effectively in group work contexts, and increase your ability to organise and communicate ideas effectively, whether in reports, exams, or oral presentations.

Key info

Dates: Wednesday 17 - Wednesday 31 August 2016

Fees: £700

For many international students arriving in the UK for the first time, this learning environment is new and stimulating, but also challenging at first. This course will help with your English as well as accommodate you to the high levels of English language proficiency in the Business School, with the majority of students across MSc programmes having already completed undergraduate courses in the UK.

It’s also important to recognise that the reading, listening, written and speaking tasks required of exams such as IELTS, vary significantly in terms of content, length and complexity, from the actual demands of MSc coursework. For example, all MSc programmes require the submission of a 3-5,000 word report, and the delivery of individual or group presentations. This course will strengthen your skills and confidence across communication styles.

Celine Omeira

This course definitely helped me in terms of getting used to a new academic environment and the demands of my MSc. Since my programme focuses a lot on writing in groups, it was essential to have a strong base in writing and that’s what this course helped students most with.

Celine Omeira, France, MSc student 2015-16

How will the course benefit you?

You will receive detailed individual feedback on

  • written tasks including a 2,000 word report
  • presentation tasks and group work
  • job application tasks

You will have the opportunity to

  • ease into your new academic environment and life in London
  • make new friends
  • enjoy a lively social programme
  • learn about UK culture and society

You will develop skills and confidence in

  • report writing
  • presenting in English
  • group work activities
  • attending lectures with subject specialist
  • participating in seminar discussion
  • listening, reading and note taking

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Course details

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