Pre-Study Modules

Pre-study  modules

The online pre-study modules will ensure you have the basic knowledge and skills required for the start of the programme. You will complete these modules before commencing the programme.

Accounting primer

This primer module will introduce the basics of financial accounting, including how to interpret financial statements such as balance sheets, profit and loss, as well as cash flow. It will enable you to appreciate the usefulness and limitations of the information provided by these statements for evaluating the performance of a company.

Mathematics primer

The objective of this module is to ensure that you have a grasp of the mathematics you will encounter on your MBA programme, particularly for the more quantitative courses.

Quantitative methods

This module introduces you to the most frequently used quantitative methods for analysing data and making business decisions.

The core consists of seven carefully designed modules. Each module provides you with a solid grounding in business theory and practice. The emphasis is on applied learning, giving you a chance to test your understanding through case studies and simulations. Students are placed in diverse syndicate groups; these groups consist of students from a variety of cultural and industry backgrounds to ensure that you gain maximum perspectives from the experience.