How the overall grade is calculated

Your final grade for the Global Online MBA is calculated from the grades achieved for individual elements of the programme as follows:

  • Core Modules – 40% total mark
  • Electives – 25% total mark
  • IE&D Module – 10% total mark
  • Final Project – 25% total mark

How individual elements are assessed

Core Modules

There are six core modules taken in the first year. Assessment for these modules is a combination of written exams and individual and/or group coursework. Find the list of regional exam centres.


In the second year, you can tailor the MBA to your own particular needs by choosing five of the 15 available electives.

Some electives are assessed by individual coursework only and others by individual and group coursework. The individual coursework element is always worth a minimum of 50% of the module assessment.

Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Design Module

The IE&D module takes place on-campus at the start of the second year of the MBA. You do the module as part of a group and submit a joint report and presentation on the work you have done. The presentation accounts for 30% of the available marks and the report represents the remaining 70%.

Final Project

The final project allows you to delve into a specific business problem, bringing all you have learnt on the MBA to bear on the problem. You submit a final report towards the end of Year 2, and this is worth 100% of the available marks for the project.

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