Alumni Network

Alumni Network

As a member of the Alumni Network, you form lasting relationships which enrich you both professionally and personally, and make the experience of your Imperial Global Online MBA all the more meaningful. Alumni services at Imperial focus on offering you practical benefits in the form of ongoing networking opportunities and support for lifelong learning.

At any time, as an alumnus, you have access to:

When you graduate, the Alumni Network helps you take full advantage of your Imperial connections. You can use them to:

  • Seek advice when contemplating a career change
  • Help set up your own business

Keep connected and keep your knowledge up-to-date

The Alumni Network creates a lifelong community for you, and ensures you stay in touch wherever your career takes you.

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I've met aeronautical engineers, I've met doctors, I've met other people in oil and gas, other people in energy, I've met creative professionals who do things I'd never even heard of, so the opportunities for networking have been extreme for me.

Amanda ZimmermanGlobal Online MBA candidate