Before you start

Be at the front of the queue…….

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Before you start your programme in the autumn, it is vital that you research and prepare for your career to be at the forefront of the jobs market queue and optimise your future success.

We therefore highly recommend that you start working with the Careers Team as soon as you have accepted your offer and within the six months before you start.  In order to do this we require you to complete our CV Development Process which involves:

  1. Complete ‘Writing your CV’ Online Module on The Hub – The Hub is the Imperial College Business Schools Virtual Learning Environment, you will gain access to this in May.
  2. After completing the module you will receive a link to our CV Preparation Tool – You will now be able to upload your ICBS Formatted CV to the tool, which will assist you in aligning your ICBS Formatted CV to the ICBS standard.
  3. Uploading of your CV to Symplicity – Symplicity is our Service’s Career Management System.  We will explain the system in more detail once you have started but one of the most essential parts to the system is that you complete your Symplicity Personal Profile.  As soon as you have created your Symplicity Personal Profile you can upload your CV to Symplicity.  As soon as you complete this final step you will be able to book 1:1 Careers Consultant appointments, attend workshops, Intensives, view our Jobs Board and use our Careers Resources.

Some of you may also be completing internships before you start your programme, so we have developed some top tips for you to make the most of your internship.

1. Complete our online pre-study courses

From April onwards, offer holders will be given access to our online careers courses, as it is absolutely critical that you start thinking about your career as early as possible, to maximise your chances of success. These online courses will ensure you have a working CV and take you through the process of identifying what career might be right for you to ensure you are best placed to start working with the careers team as soon as you start the programme.

On completion of this course you will:

  • Have reflected on your career goals and gained a further insight into who you are
  • Be able to define your key skills, interests, values and motivators
  • Understand how to research different career options, plan your career and produce an initial career plan
  • Have written a first draft of your CV in the ICBS Format
2. VMock
As soon as you have completed the 'Writing your Curriculum Vitae (CV)' online module we will invite you to use VMock. VMock is the world's leading online CV development tool and will give you feedback on Presentation, Impact and Competencies. You can work through these feedback recommendations to reach our benchmark score and have an Imperial College Business School (ICBS) CV ready to be tailored to your specific career path with our vastly experienced Career Consultants.
3. Symplicity
At the point of reaching our benchmark score on VMock you will gain access to our Career Management System - Symplicity. Symplicity is where you upload your ICBS CV and complete your personal profile. Completing your Personal Profile is an essential marketing tool - chosen employers can search our database for students like you.
4. Full access to the Career & Professional Development Service
Congratulations! You have worked through our online modules, used VMock to gain an ICBS CV, created a personal profile on Symplicity and uploaded your ICBS CV for entry in to our CV Books. What can you do now?
  • Book 20 minute 1:1 appointments with our Careers Consultants
  • Use our eResources such as Vault, eVisors, Hoovers, 10 Minutes With, GoingGlobal and our Industry and Recruitment Cycle Factsheets
  • Search our JobsBoard
You can do all this six months before you start your programme!
Useful links
  • Prospects - information on working in a wide range of sectors from marketing to investment banking
  • Milkround - details of graduate recruitment schemes and their deadlines
  • TARGET Jobs - careers advice, graduate jobs and discussion forum
  • Graduate Jobs – graduate career advice
  • eFinancial Careers - career information and advice for those seeking jobs in the financial sector
  • Jobs Financial - careers advice, salary surveys and financial jobs