Mobilising Business, Acting on Future Health

30 March 2017

08.30 - 17.00

South Kensington Campus

Second annual conference

The world’s health systems are facing unprecedented challenges – a perfect storm of escalating demand, a drive to contain public expenditure, and the need to deliver greater access to affordable healthcare in poorer countries. In addition, two big unknowns are looming – the human and economic cost of climate change on our health and a possible antibiotic resistance time bomb.

Scientific and technological innovation has transformed healthcare over the last century. Each year around $2 trillion is spent globally on drugs, medical equipment, IT and built infrastructure for health services. Although new health technology improves quality and efficiency, it often increases overall healthcare costs. Furthermore, the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries are struggling with a slowdown in their pace of innovation.

So what can business do to respond to these global healthcare challenges? How can we maintain the incentives for innovation and at the same time curb healthcare cost inflation? Where will the appropriate innovations for poorer countries emerge from?

The challenge is to create new business models that truly meet the changing needs of global healthcare. It requires new forms of relationship between business, government, the public sector and NGOs, so all the stakeholders can benefit from a more integrated system.

Mobilising Business, Acting on Future Health will bring together businesses and other key players from the health sector with leading experts from Imperial College London to tackle these issues. It will explore:

  • The potential impact of future health needs
  • The innovation opportunities and challenges from the perspectives of business, government and research
  • New models for funding health technology innovation
  • What skills are needed within business and where the leadership will come from

This event tackles a major global challenge and is the second annual conference from Imperial College Business School.

Please note this conference is invite only and has been designed for senior executives and policy makers. However, if you are a senior executive in the health sector, you can register your interest here and we will get in touch should a delegate place become available.