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Help pioneer a new wave of philanthropy here at Imperial College Business School, as we take our shared ambitions for the School to the next level.

Introducing the Dean’s Fund

Imperial College Business School fosters creative and entrepreneurial thinking, for the benefit of the business world and wider society. For example, our research has identified startling inequalities that exist in cancer care between wealthy nations and lower income countries. The research identifies ways to mobilise resources in the developing world to fight cancer. Our Brevan Howard Centre conducts pioneering research into financial crises, market contagion and the management of risk and by sharing this information with policy-makers we aim to help avert the next global financial crisis.

These are just two examples. Imperial College Business School fuses cutting-edge research, new technologies and entrepreneurial thinking to drive forward business innovation. We inspire our exceptional students to create practical solutions to real-world problems.

But sometimes our students need a little help. We do not want any of our talented students to struggle with financial constraints that will limit their potential. The Dean’s Fund will now offer a new emergency funding initiative which will enable us to offer emergency support to students who suddenly find themselves in financial difficulties. This could be happen with an unexpected death or illness in the family, problems with housing or childcare, or the vital replacement of equipment or textbooks stolen or damaged by fire. The emergency funding initiative will offer current students grants of up to £1,000 per application to help them keep their studies on track.

The Dean’s Fund enables the Business School to react quickly to a wide range of changing needs of the Faculty and its student and also provides scholarships and supports vital research.

Please join your fellow alumni and make a gift today so we can help students and ensure the School remains at the very forefront of business, research and innovation worldwide.

For more information on supporting Imperial College Business School philanthropically, please contact Heather Campbell on 020 7594 2949 or email.

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I have a family and every penny counts. Being awarded a scholarship made the difference between going through another unfulfilled year and being able to gain the business knowledge I needed. I am very grateful.

Sophia Arthur, MBA scholarship recipient

After the significant personal development I made during my year at the Business School, I feel honour bound to help the brightest students have a similar chance. Plus this new fund is a great way of helping to attract the very best.

Andrew Robertson, MBA graduate