First year of uni was…

What is first year of uni like?

Because it is a lot more than just “fun”, I had to make a video about it.





2 comments for “First year of uni was…

  1. Rebecca Jane Warrington says:

    Hi Constanca,

    Loved your video, congrats for getting through the first year.

    What kind of supports do you think an engineering student needs in their first year? Regarding well-being, mental health…

  1. Constanca Rosas says:

    Hello Rebecca,
    Thank you for your message!
    In terms of well-being and mental health, as an engineering student I think what helped me the most was doing extracurricular activities, such as sports and being part of societies I identify with. In that way, I met a lot of people that had been in my position previously and I learnt so much from them. To add to that, any engineering course can be quite draining and having at least an hour per day to not worry about a certain module and to put myself first makes everything easier.
    I hope my answer helps!


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