With The New Year Comes The Resolutions List

Hi guys. So New Year is coming in a few hours and do you know what that means?

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS *cue streamers, drums and party stuff*


So, to be honest, I’ve never really made any New Year resolution before. I mean, I’ve obviously had at some point listed down my personal goals that I’d like to achieve but they’re not technically New Year resolutions. For one, most of them aren’t meant to be achieved within a year (most of them are much more long-term) and secondly, ’cause I didn’t come up with them specifically for/ on the new year (so it wouldn’t really be the New Year resolutions, would it?)

Anyway, I thought maybe I should try to come up with some and see how it goes. It is a very popular tradition after all, and if it worked for the Babylonians, Romans and knights, maybe it’ll work for me?Image result for shrug emojiBesides, the last day of the year seemed like a very good time to stop and reflect on how 2017 was… and it’ll also be an opportunity for me to measure my personal growth (physically, mentally and emotionally) over the years and learn more about myself.

BTW, I’ve read that only 8% of people actually manage to keep theirs so as a means to make this work, I’ll jot down my list then add a definitive goal at the end of each point, okay? Here it goes 🙂


  1. Blog more frequently and more freely

I realised that I keep putting off blogging this month because I keep waiting for things to happen so that I’d have something to talk aboutImage result for tear and smile emoji But when I do start writing a post, I’d over-analyse things and get so worried about what people would think of it that I’d end up procrastinating again (I know, it’s a never-ending cycle). So, I decided that I want to try writing (and then posting) whatever’s in my head at the time. Sort of like a candid, free-writing thing… it seems kinda fun anyway, and it’ll help me voice my opinions better.

Goal: 2 posts/ month is enough (more is always welcome), but umm… pls don’t write both towards the end of the month


2. Bake more

I’ve always liked baking ’cause of my fondness towards desserts. While I was waiting for my IB results back in Malaysia, I used to bake at least once a week. Mostly cakes, but I sometimes I’d also make cookies (especially traditional ones for Eid) and pudding/ jelly is pretty easy to make too. Now that I’m finally getting used to London, I thought of taking up this hobby again. It’s quite a slow process, starting from scratch and having to buy everything all over again, especially since I can only buy only a couple of ingredients/ equipment at a time (I’d use up my meager monthly allowance if I bought all of them at once). Fortunately, my family and friends have been supportive of this particular interest of mine (thank you Secret Santa for those cute cookie cutters you gave me!!!Image result for kiss emoji).  Anyway, throughout Autumn term, I’ve managed to make bread pudding, cookies (gingerbread with my floormates and some shortbread during hols… making use of my brand new Totoro cutters hehe), crepes/ pancakes (breakfast + dessert?) and make use of some mug recipes (not exactly fond of these, but they work most of the time). So now that I’ve managed to slowly gather everything I need, I intend to find more opportunities to bake next year and bring them to BakeSoc potluck, share with friends, etc. After all, what more to brighten up your day than a good ol’ slice of cake, right? 😀

Goal: bring something to at least 1 BakeSoc potluck and share something with floormates at least once


3. Eat healthier

Aim is to not have a dinner of just eggs or just “baked potatoes” (it’s technically cheating since I just pop them in the microwave for 8 minutes) and nothing else three days in a row ’cause I’m too lazy to cook.


4. Sleep better

Sleep quality is more important than the hours you sleep. Even if you sleep for 12 hours straight but your sleep quality was bad, you won’t feel rested or that you’ve slept enough. Besides, oversleeping is bad for you too since it affects certain neurotransmitters in the brain (for example, serotonin). Ways to improve sleep quality include monitoring light and temperature conditions in your bedroom (sleeping in the dark is often better, and make sure you’re cosy but not too warm), reading, not eating heavy meals (or at all) 2-3 hours before bed and avoid taking afternoon naps.

Goal: sleep before 12 everyday (including weekends)


5. Read more

I’ve been watching a lot of anime/ movies/ Youtube in my pastime these days that I forgot about reading for leisure (non academic-related books). Also a chance to actually go and borrow a book from the sci-fi/ manga library of the clubs I joined (pls don’t ask exactly how many clubs I’ve joined…)

Goal: read at least 1 book/ month


So, those are my New Year resolutions for 2018. I’ll probably update you on the progress and whether it’s working. Maybe I’ll write another post on whether to list or not to list later on. Toodles… and thanks for reading this 😀

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