Behind the scenes of Imperial Medicine Interviews

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It is always a very humbling experience being the student panel member at interviews for the MBBS 6 year Medicine course here at Imperial. Candidates come from a range of backgrounds with really interesting and unique passions and skills. I was lucky enough to sit on the panel again this Tuesday and had such a great day!

Behind the scenes a lot of work is done to ensure that the day runs as smoothly as possible. I was called in a bit earlier than my afternoon slot so that I could run some tours for the candidates. Even though it was a chilly December afternoon it was such a buzz to take keen students and their worried parents around the campus. Each tour lasted about 30 minutes and I ran two tour groups before…we started to interview.

I was sitting on a panel with doctors from different specialities: Dr Ladas, Dr Stevens and Dr Mitchell (see photo!). Our panel (like all panels) were super friendly and just were hoping for each student to show us their best. I would call in each student one by one into the room by collecting them from the common room that they were eagerly waiting in with fellow candidates (and biscuits). In the interview room itself the 4 of us interviewers had ipads to record our thoughts about the candidate, and also a lot of tea and coffee.

Our Fab Interview Panel!

We interviewed 7 people and (as expected) we ran a bit over on timings. Each interview followed the same format and it was incredible to see how students rose to the challenge and just had so many enthusiastic words to say about the medical profession and Imperial School of Medicine. The students would then return back to the common room that I picked them up from and text/hug their parents (as I did back in 2013). Meanwhile, we would discuss the student and make a recommendation as a panel.

In a time when there is quite a bit of negativity surrounding the profession it is always so refreshing to see the new intake so motivated to make a difference in the NHS. Medical students really are a great bunch and I think we have a whole yeargroup of fantastic ones coming.

For those yet to hear/have an interview- make sure that you portray your patient centred approach, be enthusiastic and most of all…smile. It makes a big difference.

Good luck- hopefully see you at an interview soon!

Taken from one of my friend’s snapchat (who was also interviewing)

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  1. wow, as a medical applicant, I just fished the interview with a panel on 20 Dec. Truely, I was quite nervious at first. But, the interviewers’ smile removed my panic. Totally, I agree with the author’s opinions. Smile is rather important and can show the candidate’s confidence and can contribute to the process of the interview. Good luck to all the interviewees.

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