Ohh by the way I live in London…

When you are a student at one of the best universities in the world (a.k.a. Imperial) you tend to study. A lot. Basically all the time. You accidentally put down Central Library as your home address and drink more coffee than water… (Seriously, my exams are sponsored by caffeine…).

And while you know all the different types of heat exchangers and the derivation of the Navier-Stokes equations, you might forget an interesting fact: that you happen to live in London. The best city in the world. The home of super-amazing-fantastic cultural experiences (theatre, cinema), culinary experiences (restaurants, pubs) and shopping experiences (Westfield, high streets).

At the end of last year (after basically doing absolutely zero “cultural stuff” all year) I promised myself that this year would be different. I wanted to go to places and do “Londoner” things like eating a burger or watching a play on West End. Yeah, well, I had some burgers (mainly from the King type…).

But last week, I finally managed to watch a play. And it was of the classic student-budget-friendly type: free 😀 The story is, that I started following this theatre on Facebook a while ago for some reason but I kind of forgot about it. But then one day I woke up, checked my feed, and suddenly this post appeared: Are you under 25? Book your free ticket now!

And you, dear reader, might say: ok, but like this is probably some dodgy theatre’s dodgy play to which they couldn’t sell all tickets. Well… This is London… Best city, remember?

So this is how I attended Hamlet in the Almeida Theatre for free. Title role played by [drumrolllllll] Andrew Scott! (Let me help: Moriarty from Sherlock :D) It was *supermegahiperamazinglyfantasticlyawesome* 😀

Hamlet. Wow.

And today I was scrolling through my feed again. Saw a post from a Hungarian website talking about a play here in London. It looked a bit odd, as they were describing the play to the Hungarian readers, who *obviously* cannot watch it live, as it is in London. But then I remembered: Ohh by the way I live in London…

So I went on the theatre’s website, checked some dates, found some empty seats for £10, booked a ticket, and tomorrow I am going to see Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead in the Old Vic. One of the title role played by [drumrolllll] Daniel Radcliffe! (Let me help: Harry Potter from Harry Potter :D).

So yeah. I love London. I love living here. I love everything about it.

Pro tip: never forget that you live in London even if you actually live in the Central Library! Just look up from Perry’s Chemical Engineering Bible and look outside: that’s LONDON out there waiting for YOU! <3

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