Take Charge

Everyone has a to do list.

A list of dreams, ideas, and tasks that just have to get done.

But we rarely finish our lists? Why?

Some goals are not SMART? They’re not Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic or Time Framed. But some goals are SMART and we fail to achieve them anyway, or we achieve them inefficiently.

Today I’d like you to stop. Stop making excuses for why you haven’t progressed on the side project you started a few months. Stop deliberating about how to start a dream – just start. And stop doing things just because everyone else is; nobody ever changed the world because they did what everyone else did. 

Instead take charge. Start today. Do that thing you’ve been putting off all weekend. Send that email. Write that application. You don’t know where the actions of the day will take you. You just need to start today. 

I’ve just spent a week doing an internship with the UK Civil Service (Early Diversity Internship Programme). There, I met some of the most inspirational people, that I’ve ever encountered. 

I’m also reading GRIT by Angela Duckworth. (It’s a great read).

At Imperial College, I’ve had some fantastic opportunities, but I feel like I could utilise the privilege of being at Imperial, much, much more. So from now on, I’m determined to do so. One mundane task at a time. Exciting stuff doesn’t happen quickly, it happens suddenly. 

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