Just an average day in Imperial…

Last year, my average week looked something like this. This year has been *quite* different… So here is my average Spring Holiday, #revision, #messedupsleepingcycle day 🙂

04.30am Time to go to bed… 😀

01.00pm It’s always nice to wake up and realise that you’re already late for lunch, let alone for breakfast. But nevertheless, I had breakfast, a laaaarge coffee and some vitamins to boost my brain. Or for placebo-effect, who knows…

02.30pm Checking emails, writing emails, answering emails. I mean, if you work as the Comms Assistant for your Department  you sometimes get random emails like a lecturer writing “Hi Dora, could you please do a photoshoot of my research group because I heard you are good at this” which just sort of… makes your day 🙂

03.00pm After much procrastination, it is time to start some actual revision. Thermodynamics, for example. Because binary phase diagrams are bae. My new study technique is using a set of colourful pens to make my notes nice and visually stimulating. Seriously, imagine Raoult’s law. Now imagine Raoult’s law with a huge pink exclamation mark… See? Much better 😀

05.00pm Having lunch at 5.00pm has the advantage that… Oh wait. No. It has absolutely no advantage at all. I was just hungry. I don’t even know why I call it lunch. It’s more like some random food event in between two revision sessions. Tesco meal deal, of course. Ain’t nobody got time for cooking…

05.30pm Let’s get back to revision. Honestly, my phase diagrams look amazing with all these colours. Such a shame I can’t use coloured pens on the exams…

08.00pm Procrastination level Imperial student: watching TED talks. What else, obviously…

10.30pm It’s so good that the small Tesco next to Woodward is open till midnight. You can always casually go down at 10.30pm to get dinner and there are at least 10 other people with Imperial swipe cards. I mean, it’s always good to know that you are not the only one with some seriously messed up sleeping cycle.

11.30pm I love how I sat down to have my dinner at almost midnight, and it was the daily peak time in the kitchen:

  • One flatmate came in to have a late night full roast chicken and do some washing up.
  • Another flatmate came in to eat 3 or 4 slices of bread with nutella (She spreaded the nutella on the bread with a fork. A fork. No questions there…)
  • Another flatmate came in to eat some leftover jacket potatoes. With two bottles of water and one large coffee.

00.30am Almost started another revision session but then decided scrolling through facebook back and forth is much better. 🙁

02.30am I decided to go to bed early today to restore my sleeping cycle to normal.

04.00am Woke up to write this blogpost because #whynot. Sleeping cycle is quietly crying in the distance…

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