Here’s to a Great Term (Spring 2017)

Fancy Dress Day…


Here’s to a term that’s brought me so much joy,

Materials Trip to the Culham Nuclear Centre

That’s taken me beyond my limits and expanded the shores of my life.

RSM Spring Dinner 2017

Here’s to a term that’s taught me life skills,

Election Campaign for RSM Regalia Officers

Challenged the way I think and taught me what not to sacrifice.

Group Trip to Santander, Spain, Jan 2017 (Yep, it was during term time, but we didn’t miss a minute of a lecture!)


Here’s to the people that have surprised me,

Friends who came to watch me perform in Afrogala


Inspired me and absolutely mesmerised me.

Chinese New Year and End of Matrices Celebrations

It’s odd to think that this term is over, when it feels like the year has only just begun.

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