So, about second year…

Second year. ChemEng. Ohhhh weeeellllll.

The one thing which kind of describes how I feel right now is that I looked at the calendar and I realised it’s March. MARCH. MARCH?! I honestly don’t know what happened in the past 5 months. I was trying to think of things I did, but I just feel like I procrastinated away 5 months and now I am so behind with everything that even my to-do-list making apps want to cry… So what happened in the past 5 months?

Labs. We started and finished second year labs. This year we were only doing 1 experiment for 3 weeks. I mean, at least by the end of the third week I finally understood what we were doing all along, so it’s good, right? 😀 We then had to do a presentation about it, and an industrial report as well. If you would like to know what’s an industrial report, well, me too… But we did it, we finished, and we survived. So it’s all good, I guess…

Hall senioring. I am a hall senior at Woodward. And it’s amazing! I mean, I get to take pictures of dirty dishes and than rage in our group chat that “could you please WASH UP?”… Who wouldn’t want to do that, right? But no, seriously, helping with events, helping freshers getting into the Imperial community, staying in Woodward, it’s all such fun. And I will be a hall senior next year as well, YAY!

Work. I am still working at my Department as Communications Assistant, and right now I don’t have a boss (the previous one left, the new one hasn’t arrived) so… I’m the boss *.* Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to find 10 hours of free time every week, but designing posters and writing articles about research is just awww. Like seriously, when you sit down with absolutely zero knowledge about pyrolysis bio-oil and 2 hours later you feel like an expert in the field… So good.

Tutoring. Hmmm. Even though I only do tutoring once a week for like 1.5 hours, I totally feel like a teacher now. (And I totally love it…) I feel like I’m making a change, I feel like they understand what I’m explaining (hopefully…), I feel like they get actual knowledge and actual systematic understanding of certain topics after the sessions. Or they might just think “what is going on” and forget everything I explained in like an hour. Who knows…

Horizons. So if you check out the Global Challenges Yr2 courses, you can see that there are 4 streams: 3 about a random small village in the middle of nowhere (business-stream, engineering-stream and art-stream) and 1 about our South Kensington campus (business/engineering-stream). So of course, I managed to make a “mix” of two streams and I am doing the art-stream about South Kensington. I designed a communications campaign to raise awareness about sustainability… Because why not 😀

So yeah, that’s about everything I’ve been doing in the past 5 months. Ohh wait, there is one more thing… Studying. Yeah, I’ve been sort-of/kind-of/sometimes/occasionally doing that too. [Fading away into crying about life and the too little time left before the exams…]

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