Henry’s Society Review-ICGS Imperial College Gliding Society

OK, So I’m back.

I’ve been busy, you’ve probably heard people from Imperial say that a lot.

I’ve had countless 9am-9pm days that I couldn’t even imagine back in Yr 1.

So you’ve got an offer, huge congratulations on your hard work so far!

Be ready for some  ‘Imperial Sauna’ (aka central library) time this fall.


But I still love you all.

So I’m here to give you an exclusive review on ICGS.

One of the oldest university gliding societies in the UK.

I’ve enjoyed it so far.


So where are we based?

Well, Central London is not exactly an ideal place for gliding.

We are at Lasham Airfield (Hampshire).

During weekend trips, minibus took us there in just under 2 hrs.

We leave at 7:30am.

 It feels great to escape from all the ‘chaos and madness’ in London once in a while.


 How was the gliding experience?

I’ve really enjoyed every ride and the coach is professional.

Knowing when to let you learn and take control.

Though I’ve only been on three trips so far.

So far, I’ve landed the glider once under coach’s instructions.

If you like roller-coaster, I suggest taking off by winch-launch.

And winch-launch is dirt cheap.

Compared with aero-tow (a single prop puts you airborne)

Every launch in winter puts you in the air for ~10mins.

Lasham is flat with no hills, thus less thermals lifting you up.

Especially in Winter.


Sometimes, the weather gets ugly when you get there.

When Lasham turns into Silent Hill

Then you are grounded.

And you end up spending some time here.

Simulator is useful for first-timers to practice skills.

And that’s me sitting inside one on my first gliding trip to Lasham.


Uhm…Is gliding expensive?

Not at all if you compare it with powered plane.

Let’s do the maths.

I normally fly three times in each trip.

With each launch keeping you airborne for around 10 mins.

That costs me 25-35 pounds plus the minibus (transport) fee.

So gliding is a cheap way to fly…or so they say.


So Why do I glide?

One being that when I was a child, I dreamed I could fly.

And gliding is quite affordable.

So I fly.

And I didn’t get involved with many societies last year.

So I want to make it up this year.

You should try out the huge variety of societies we offer at Imperial.

During YEAR ONE!

That’s the most chilled year of all time.

If you are first-timer and want to give it a go.

Then I’d say do it.

See if you like it.

Like it? Keep signing up for more trips.

Don’t like it? It would be one more thing you could talk about with friends.

And it’s cool.


Also I’ve signed up for Easter Trip to Peniche, Portugal.

With Imperial College Surfing Society.

It should be fun.

I’ll write something about that that after the trip.

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