Am I the only one here who feels that time has gone by so fast and wishes the clocks would rewind, just so I could smell the roses?

Anyway, it is official. Five months into the MSci Immunology course, and I am literally a week away from completing the first half of the degree. It most definitely feels surreal at times like these, where I attempt to pen my thoughts and reflections in a hopefully coherent and logical manner especially so, where much has occurred. 

In short, this post was evoked by my sentimental self where I was perusing some images taken during the course and I thought: hang on one second, why not document this through some images here! 

So Ladies and gentlemen, here it is…

Image 1: Dr Sophie Rutschmann (Course Director of the MSci Immunology course) teaching the basics of flow cytometry (Look it up!) to some of the peers during the Mini-Research Project where pairs have to work together in designing a novel experimental setup in answering their scientific question of interest! Seriously, what better way to learn about science than this experimental approach! Thumbs up to this teaching pedagogy! 

Image 2: With some of the classmates at the British Society of Immunology (BSI) Congress held at Liverpool from the 6th to 9th of December 2016! It was most definitely a memorable experience to hear about current research trends in Immunology by distinguished academics from all around the world through interactive sessions and keynote lectures! 

Image 3: The beauty of the Liverpool Big Wheel! Located just right outside the ECHO Arena where the BSI Congress was held! 

In summary, the course has been amazing so far and am most confident that it would be as awesome or perhaps more in the coming months! 

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