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Some days… throw yourself into the deep end

There are some weeks when life overwhelms you and you can only just keep your head above the water. Even after you’ve recovered, it somehow takes monumentally higher courage to get back into the water.

Today, I jumped in. And it was fun.

After living in halls for four months with the world’s most zealous kayaking enthusiast, I finally bit the bullet and came along to a session. After back to back lectures, a lunch time committee meeting, labs and a Horizons French lesson, the thought of trying kayaking vs work was a no brainer.

It was amazing.

As it was the first time I was in a boat (by myself without a flotation device) the thought of capsizing and drowning kept racing through my head. But I was in safe hands. My friend and floor-mate helped me to go through the capsizing procedure and by the end of the session I conquered a fear that froze me at the start.

While I was as useful as a rubber duck during the kayak polo game I ‘participated’ in, the whole experience was immensely fun. Even after an incredibly long day, I felt energised and invigorated.


Try what scares you. Make spontaneous decisions. Live.



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