Intercalated BSc in Global Health at Imperial!

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I have absolutely loved this year so far. I have been doing a BSc in Global Health here at Imperial- so essentially taking a compulsory “year out” of medicine to learn in depth about a topic that interests you. My module 1 focused on Global Infectious Diseases, Module 2 focused on Global Non- infectious diseases and now I am doing Module 3 which is essentially everything else (health systems, technology..)! The whole degree is very student led, with a lot of our teaching time being interactive. We have debates on global mental health issues, have discussions about the history of sex workers and their health, and then we also learn how to critically appraise and analyse the global health learnings and research.

My essays this year have been on really broad topics, with my module 2 coursework giving us the freedom to write about any non-communicable disease in any country! I chose to do Birth Asphyxia in India. It really has been as enjoyable as a BSc year can be and I am so glad I chose Global Health.

Now I am just kicking off with revision season, and things are getting intense. However, it’s my 4th year of these medical exams and it really is just a case of getting through them! BSc revision is different to any type I have done before as it revolves around depth of revision and thus reading around the topics a lot.

Once exams are done in end of February I am so excited to begin my 10 week research project! Just got to get through these tests first…

For anyone thinking of medicine 6 years vs 5 years, or anyone thinking of intercalating I cannot recommend more highly that you should do a BSc, and that you should think about doing it in Global Health! It really does make you think more holistically about illnesses, and has been a true asset to my time here at Imperial.

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