Weekend gilding trip to Lasham (Foggy weather then ended up with simulator sessions and a hanger tour)

Hi all. I’m officially back for year two blogging. Hopefully I’ll see some familiar faces in the comment area. So this Saturday I went gliding with Imperial College gliding society at Lasham airfield. We left the college at around 0730 in an union minibus. The road trip was about 2 hour long.


Apparently there was some great RAF history here in Lasham

I was so excited for this gliding trip. When I was a child, I always dreamed that I could fly in the sky. (I know right? Duh… :P) After the briefing and safety training at 9am, we were told of bad weather and thus had simulator training sessions. The safety training was useful and fun. The take-home message would be: do not unbuckle the parachute when you need to jump out of the glider…cause you’ll ended up free-falling in the air without a parachute! When people get nervous, they tend to do stupid things…like unbuckle the parachute but not the safety belt harness!


Yeah…That’s one happy Henry in a simulator.

The hanger tour was great 🙂 Many gliders and others, vintage and modern, were so closely packed inside there. Most of them are older than me…well by decades. They all looked very nice. I can’t wait to actually get inside one of those. Oh there was a dead pigeon on the ground and a cute bear inside a cockpit. I don’t know why I wrote that, totally unrelated. Anyway, here are the pictures. Again, it’s really great to get out of London once in a while, for the fresh country air and beautiful views. And to take a break from the coursework…

Now sit back and enjoy the pics 🙂

Hey! It’s Imperial…in Lasham! 😀


Oh hey! It’s the bear…trapped inside the cockpit!…He’s not so happy.


cockpit-1 cockpotplane-1 plane-2 plane-3 plane-4

Vintage planes and more…


This newly-made-in-the-Fatherland glider costs 90K 😀  Quality doesn’t come cheap. 

Cool. Hopefully I’ll see you all very soon. Many love. Ciao 🙂 Henry.

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