When writing a to-do list is on your to-do list…

“Are you writing a blogpost?”

“Well, yes, I have nothing else to… Umm, I have loads of other things to do, but nothing which could be done at 1am on a Sunday night…”

– Actual conversation by actual people on an actual Sunday night. Actually.

So what happened since I last posted? Hmmm nothing really… Just second year started, I signed up to way too many things, my to-do list is so long that it doesn’t fit above my desk, my diet is something like McDonalds-Subway-Dominos-BurgerKing on an infinite loop, I don’t remember the last time I had 3 proper meals in a day, my sleeping cycle is starting to vaguely resemble that of a computing student, so yeah, nothing really… But let’s start from the beginning.

As you may know from previous posts, I am doing quite a few things this year, because #whynot and #sleepingisoverrated… Let’s see the list.

Course. People say second year is the most difficult year at uni. People also say ChemEng is the most difficult course at Imperial. Well, I am doing second-year ChemEng… What is difficult squared?

Work. I am still working at my department as the communications assistant (which started as a summer job, but I love it and don’t want to stop). I am not saying it takes up too much time (and I love it, so who cares) but I have seen my boss more times in the past two weeks than my Process Dynamics lecturer…

C13. My lovely floor in Woodward where I am a hall senior. I love my flatmates, C13 is obviously the best floor (as long as you don’t see the sink in the kitchen…).

The WoodWord. Yes, that is the Woodward newsletter, where I am main editor this year. I am doing this… because I get to see my face in the lifts every time I go somewhere… 😀

Tutoring. I signed up to be a volunteer tutor with Pimlico Connection this year (Imperial’s forty-something year old volunteer tutoring scheme, wow). I thought I would have to tutor 11-year olds to Maths, easy-peasy… Ahh well, I was allocated to 18-year old high-achievers. Ooops.

Horizons. Yeah, I am doing Horizons, too. Because why not. I will write a new post about it later, but let’s just say we had to invent a new course to match my interests…

So yeah, this year will be fun. I think. 😀

The new ChemEng departmental brochure. #mydesign <3
The new ChemEng departmental brochure. #mydesign <3

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