What to Expect: Top tips for life at Imperial

It’s not long until term starts again, so I thought I would write a couple of posts for the new freshers to prepare you about what to expect during your first few weeks and months. It is a daunting and exciting time, so relax and enjoy it and remember if we all made it then you can too!

My top tips:

  • Where to work: Find somewhere you can work well- try a public library or college computer room. If you do like the library get there early- it gets very busy and warm
  • Make friends with hall seniors: they can be a great source of support and advice as they understand life at Imperial and have been around longer than you!
  • Join lots of clubs: you can slim down your commitments after Christmas, but to start with throw yourself in and find out what you enjoy
  • You don’t need to drink or drink lots to have fun: Know your limits and stick to them
  • Get to know older years: they can give you revision notes, hold mock exams and they usually have a great student house to invite you round to!
  • Buy a hot drink flask: bringing your own coffee takes very little time, but will save you a fortune
  • Learn how you relax best: there are lots of options- gym classes, swimming, walks in Hyde Park, sport teams, art clubs, music, TV- the list goes on and on- if you figure this out early it makes everything a lot less stressful!
  • Know where to get help and support: there are so many people at Imperial to help, from tutors to the chaplaincy to the counselling service. The people are paid to help you so if you are stuck do use them!
  • People change: don’t be put off by people during freshers- people will change as term goes on. Friends will change too so stay open to meeting new people!
  • Fresher’s Flu: this will hit you at some point, so stock up on paracetamol drinks and medications in advance.

University is a huge change. Most people love it, but if you do hate it- you are not alone and it does get better. Now I’m starting to sound like my mum so I shall stop writing…

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  1. Awesome 🙂 I have just applied to Imperial for my post graduation. I hope to get into. You people sound great!

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