That time Imperial turned me into a hologram!

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Earlier this year Imperial got thinking about how they could celebrate some of our alumni’s notable achievements. We honestly have some amazing alumni! Dennis Gabor, who worked at Imperial, actually invented holography and won the Nobel Prize for Physics for it in 1971. His work formed the basis of the holograms that are in use today.

The student recruitment and outreach team contacted me to let me know that they were purchasing a Musion EyeSay hologram to temporarily be placed in the Main Imperial College Entrance. They asked me if I would like to be the face and voice of the hologram…of course I said yes that is so ridiculous. I called my parents up straight away.

I had to rehearse a script and stand SO STILL in a recording room for the morning as they filmed me say the same phrases on loop. It was brilliant.

This all happened in June… and on the September open day I finally saw virtual me come to life.

See photos and videos below…it is so weird. Imperial is so cool.



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  1. HI, I wanted to know as to why the student satisfaction rate has deteriorated in the past year or so? I wish to apply to this university to study medical science/medical chemistry. However, the idea that the current students are not satisfied is making me have second thoughts.
    Your opinions and advice are appreciated.
    Thank you for your time and I wish you all the best with your studies.

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