Travel Tips for New London Students

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So there is a brand new cohort of thousands of students starting at Imperial. Imperial has buildings all over London (Halls, hospitals, research labs…!) and so it can get a bit daunting to have to leave the luxury of your mum and dads car to now travelling by yourself through London.

So I have come up with some top tips for students travelling around London!

Number 1: Make sure you download CityMapper! It honestly will save your life when you are lost on the “blue line” and 30 minutes late for something. It will get your location and let you know how/how long it will take you to get to your destination. The app even explains which exit to leave out of so you don’t get lost outside tube stations- amazing! Great app and really recommend!

Number 2: Make sure you have sorted out your 18+ student oyster card. I always say this one but really important you get your photocard sorted from the TFL website. You can also combine your oyster with your student railcard for some discounts!

Number 3: Download UBER…before you need it! Ordering a taxi when you are leaving a nightclub at 2am, leaving the library at 5am or late for lectures at 10am…it can be a difficult task. Having UBER on your phone ready to go from day 1 at university will be a life saver. All you have to do is download the app onto your phone, plug in your card details so you are ready to go from that point on and then when you need your first ride you are set up. No faffing about outside a nightclub, just safely can order and track your ubers arrival, journey and price estimates! If you use the code: IMPERIALUK you can get £15 off your first ride- really good deal!! Anyone in UK can use that code by the way, not just Imperial students!

Number 4: Travel in groups if you can, and try not to travel on your own too late. Safety first in London, it really isn’t worth the risk!

Number 5: Use the shuttle busses that Imperial provide from campus to campus- check them out online they are super helpful and save you a lot of money in the long run.

Number 6:  Just remember, you do NOT need to tap out of a bus with your oyster card! Navigating around the oyster card system can be hard to pick up at the start so do not be afraid to ask TFL people and other students for advice. I would recommend getting a travelcard if you are spending a lot of time on public transport as you will save yourself a lot in long run.

Number 7: Try alternate, healthier modes of transport. I, believe it or not, actually walked 40 minutes every morning for a while into one of my hospital sites. Was really refreshing and saved loads of money. Some people even cycle- make sure you get a good lock and get a feel for safe places to park your bike though! Even give Boris biking a go!


There you are! London is a really fun place to explore, but make sure you are safe and be efficient with your spending!




One comment for “Travel Tips for New London Students

  1. Hi Mala,
    Thanks very much for your guidance on traveling London! I would be appreciated if you can answer my question according to your blog.
    1. You suggested us on number 2 to combine student railcard and 18+ student oyster card, so how can I combine them?
    2. On number 6, you mentioned travelcard, I searched it online and feel that its functions are similar to the oyster card. It seems that the oyster card is cheaper, would you please explain the benefit of a travelcard?
    Thank you very much!

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