Horizons and Exam update


You can find the official stuff on horizons here, but I’ll try to give an idea of the experience behind it. Either way, I’d recommend the course, as it’s a nice non-course-related thing to do with your life.

Background: as part of the Year in Europe part of my degree, I have to study the appropriate level of the appropriate language (as well as a special language course which I’ve mentioned elsewhere). For me, this was level 4 German, since I had studied it up to A-level. The course outline, assessment details and learning objectives for this particular course: bam.

Briefly and in an as helpful as possible way, here are the main things I wish I had known/I didn’t expect/think of your own classic list title:

– Yes, this is a proper course. The lessons are two hours long and anything that lasts that long elsewhere in the course has a break between hours. There is also a lot to cover, so it ends up being rather intense with at least an hour of homework a week.

– There are exams and an oral assessment at the end, which are mildly important if you have to do the course. They are nothing too stressful, but some preparation would be good.

– It really is up to you how much you put into the course. There is always stuff to do in addition, if you happen to care and really want to learn the language. There is also not too much pressure to actually participate in the lesson or put much effort into the work if you want to chill through it instead.

– It’s another nice way to meet people you have things in common with. Joining clubs is more fun and less stressful, but yey, people.

Exam Update

When you arrive at uni, you hope to get a 1st. Around the wonderful Christmas test, you start thinking that a 2:1 might be okay. Now, we all just want to pass the exams and not fail problem solving. At least “we will all go together when we go”.

Current state: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeugh

People who I know and are trying to find embarrassing things to run my face in later will have hopefully got bored by the official stuff up there ↑ and stopped reading by now, so I can write more honest things. <secretwhispers> I feel that it would be healthy to be stressed about exams and it feels strange that they’re not bothering me that much. I don’t feel particularly homesick either, because I’ve been away from home a lot and I see my parents often. I don’t feel lonely, because there are always people around and there are at least some I could go to for complaining purposes. I just feel meh. Highly meh. I think I ran out of life. I feel like a Morty. Meh. </secretwhispers>




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  1. Hey, just wanted to know- how many people were on your German Level 4 course? I really want to do it for my imperial horizons but i’m scared that not enough people will take it on and so I might have to do another language (even though I love German and I don’t really want anything else for my imperial horizons course!)

    1. Hey. There were at least 20 in my class and I think that there was a second class too, but don’t quote me on that. Level 4 German is a popular choice, especially since it’s compulsory for many. It shouldn’t be a problem 🙂 Viel Glück 🙂

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