An adrenaline fuelled week

So this week was a week of results. Imperial released our final year exam results and we were told our final allocations for jobs for the next two years.

Talk about a roller coaster ride: two big pieces of news hours apart, coupled with limited internet access had my adrenaline levels hitting maximum and my heart most definitely pumping on all chambers.

So the good news first: I have passed finals!

What a relief! After many years of hard work it is a huge relief to have overcome the final hurdle, and even more of a relief to know I am safe and competent to start work.

Which brings me to the second piece of good news. After many months of application, waiting, visiting, ranking jobs and exams we finally know where we move to work next year: Cornwall!

I have a job with a nice mix of specialities which is in the same hospital for both 2 years- just as I hoped for. Bring on the sand and surf!surfer-sunset-1500x1000

During these two years of foundation training, I will undertake 6 rotations (each 4 months) in a range of different specialities. After this I will choose which speciality I want to enter into and do more years of more focussed training from there, until many years in the future I stop being a junior doctor and become a consultant!

So this isn’t the end of exams, or the long path of doctor training, but it’s another step in the journey.

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