Where You Should Eat In London

I love food (in case you hadn’t guessed) so I thought I would share my favourite places to eat in London. If you’re up in London for interviews or just getting fed up of the Gloucester Road Nandos and East Side Bar, check out some these fantastic eating establishments!

1. Ottoman. Ottoman is on Fulham Palace Road, so maybe slightly out of the way for anyone in halls, but if you end up living out West at some point, make sure to go to here. Any evening out that begins or ends with someone suggesting ‘Ottoman’s?’ is bound to be a good one and my friend group in particular love it. It’s a Turkish kebab restaurant (and take away!) and they basically serve giant plates of meat, rice and salad. I would recommend the mixed grill and the hummus and pitta (but take a friend unless you have a giant appetite, I definitely couldn’t eat it on my own).

Rasa Sayang noodles in front of my lovely flatmate for perspective on how giant the bowl is

2. Rasa Sayang

I am no China Town aficionado and I am a creature of habit , so this is one of only a few restaurants in China Town that I keep going back to. It’s a Singaporean/Malaysian place and I love it mostly because noodle soup is my everything, it’s cheap and the portions are bigger than your head. It’s delicious, definitely go. Also my flatmate ordered a drink called Milo Dinosaur which is like a chocolate milkshake kind of thing, it was really nice, and the name just makes me so happy.

3. Bone Daddies

Bone Daddies is located above Whole Foods on High Street Kensington and it’s a ramen restaurant (which is another kind of noodle soup. Naturally). The soup is made of bone broth and there are different flavours are toppings. I like the one with fried chicken on top and also any of the ones that come with boiled eggs, they’re sooo good. It’s also set up well for people who aren’t used to using chopsticks, so they give you hair ties and these plastic bib things to avoid inevitable splatter when you drop your noodles in the soup.

4. Bill’s

Bill’s is a chain that can be found all over London, but there’s one on High Street Kensington. They do amazing breakfast/brunch and it’s a really cute restaurant with like, wood and candles and rustic stuff everywhere. I like the vegetarian breakfast and they also do really good pancakes.

5. Tombo

Tombo is a Japanese tea shop round the corner from South Kensington station and they do my FAVE green tea ever. Plus you get free refills on hot water for the tea so it’s basically my dream place. I’ve never eaten a meal there but it’s usually busy with a lunchtime crowd and from what I’ve witnessed from snooping on other people’s food, the food they do is really nice. I also had this white chocolate and azuki cake there one time (azuki is a kind of bean which sounds wrong but it’s really good) and I would recommend it!

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    1. Hi Shuaib, I’m glad you like the blog! Please do feel free to leave comments if you want to ask me anything or check out the contacts page for the department if you have anything more specific you want to address. The admissions tutor or the undergraduate office will be able to help you out. Best wishes!


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