Working on weekends kills the relaxation aspect that they are associated with, so I’ve adapted to consider Tuesdays and Wednesdays as the weekend. Mainly because they contain clubs, so since I have things to say about them, here’s a general overview of the clubs you should go join.

Juggling and Circus- This used to be just juggling, but I wasn’t around in that era. It now consists of people standing in a room playing with various crap – perfect. There’s a bit of poi, staff, diabolo, uni cycling, rolla bolla joys and balls flying around. Outdoor sessions also involve a slackline, until the guy I borrowed it from remembers that I have it. Random games tend to happen, such as ugly gladiators (oh my, that sounds exciting, what could it be? Come and see), which is my particular favourite, as it’s a juggling-less version, so perfect for us useless ones. Membership is only £2, which is frankly worth the FREE CAKE. *Usually Tuesday 6pm in various places.*

I have no better photo, but look- people doing things
I have no better photo, but look- people doing things

Come to the Fire Night this Friday in the UCL main quad at 8pm.

Come to the Varsity juggling fest on Saturday 13th.

Canoe Club- We basically go have fun in a swimming pool, which is perfect for practicing various rolls and playing canoe polo. There is also a steam room and hot tub for those, who are laze inclined. All boats and kit is provided and if you have your own, the stores may be accommodating. Membership is £35 a year, which is understandable, since kayaks are just THAT BIT more expensive than juggling balls. *Tuesday, Ethos pool, meet at 7.30 in Beit Quad*

There are also biweekly trips, which tend to be to Wales, Devon or the Lake District. They’re a great place to go whoosh down white water and feel like you did something cool. Mainly because everything tends to look more impressive than it is difficult.

long human in a tiny boat

SkateSoc- This consists of many things. There are usually people learning and thus people teaching how to move when needed, but also stop when needed. Slalom cones provide more fun for those who can move, though there is an inevitable competition of some kind. Towards the middle, a hockey pitch is set up and we play gravel hockey


A few weeks back, a spontaneous trip to Buckingham Palace took place and we were extra entertained!

Look at us all sane-looking

SciFiSoc- So I only recently discovered that there is a room full of books, DVDs and nerds under Beit Hall. Now this is already the perfect combination, but there’s also a screen, usually playing something cool and intense discussions about the feasibility of film technology and sorts. You know the people are good when they meow back and each book they’ve recommended so far has been dang good. It is officially open every weekday for lunch from 12-2, but there is usually some lost soul wandering it at most other reasonable times. In fact, it is 8pm on a Wednesday and I’m in here writing this, watching  Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, after getting into the Ghibli mood with Howl’s Moving Castle yesterday. The membership of £8 allows you to take out up to 3 items, one of which may be a non-book, i.e. dvd, comic etc. Currently enjoying Temeraire by Naomi Novic.

Come to PICOCON on the 20th of January. It’s a mini convention with guest authors, fun games and all that jazz.

Oooh how enticing

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