Semester two start

Semester one flew by fast! My winter break consisted of note taking and revising for exams, and last week exams took place. Exam time looked something like this…


When it’s close to Christmas and you’re trying to study
I cared for eight seconds, then I got distracted.


And start procrastinating


But then you tell yourself
You can do this.


So you look over your lecture notes
Does anybody know how to study?


And video lectures


And try to learn definitions like






And you finally get it
This is good.


And soon enough its 24 hours till exam time and you’re like








And wishing for


10 minutes to exam time


And exam hall tension is high


But when you see your exam questions it’s all good
Thanks, brain


And you write so much you lose your train of thought


You hand in your last paper
It's gone. It's done.


And walk out of the exam room like






This week we started lectures again. Hoping for a great start to semester two!

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