Christmas happened

If any of the 2 or 3 people who will read this celebrate Christmas, happy Christmas-was-two-days-ago! 🙂

I spent it in the company of family, family friends and their cat. She’s one of the coolest cats ever; she woke me up with paws and rekindled my need for my own feline creature.

Other than the early drysuit, I got a Totoro t-shirt and a mini gorilla, which sounds random, but was a response to my love for gorillas, which I’ve displayed a lot since visiting Bristol zoo last February. Both were due to the boyfriend, so it’s his own fault, really.

I’m back in accommodation, since my dad, stepmum and sister and going to Russia for New Year and my mum is visiting me here in about 4 hours. And then I go back home to make sure the dog feels loved enough while he’s left alone.

fluffy bear thing

I need to do a lab report, some German, a CV and covering letter, go work out what actually happened last term and buy food so my mum thinks I have life sorted. Eughhh

I’ve seen the new Star Wars and I can say spoiler-free that it was damn awesome and you need to see it if you haven’t yet.

Also, where’s the snow? I didn’t sign up to such warmth during Christmas and I disapprove.

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