Christmas gift joys

Having lightly hinted at my desire to be dry while everything is water, I successfully ended up with a drysuit for Christmas! Whoop whoop. I already have it, because the smallest size available was a size too large and we wanted to make sure that it didn’t need swapping. It fits a little loose around the legs, but the body is perfect and the ankle can be tightened. Plus, I’m planning to wear my Totoro onesie underneath, so more room is never an issue.

It’s a Typhoon ladies, but has only the back zip, so allows no toilet breaks. It’s also damn expensive, since it’s a good one. As a clue, my dad, stepmum and mum all pitched in to get me this…THAT expensive.

Is it just me or does my face look like a marshmallow?
My face looked like a marshmallow

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