The last two weeks of term have so far been a flurry of carol services, Christmas trees, mince pies and mulled wine. I am loving life (apart from the massive piece of coursework I’m doing but let’s suspend disbelief for a moment and pretend that this fortnight is a fortnight of fun and cinnamon sticks).

12316640_993984823972992_4486052854032136933_nBy the time I go home next Sunday I will have attended no less than four carol services! Last night the Christian societies at Imperial hosted our annual carol service at the beautiful Holy Trinity Church next door to Beit Quad. It was a lovely evening and loads of people came over from Imperial to join us for carols, readings and a short talk about the gifts that Jesus gives us. There was a performance by the IC Gospel Choir and we were accompanied by a small band of musicians and the organ (side note: to get the organ in this church you have to climb a spiral staircase and then the organ is located in a little pod above the band. It was cool but going back down the stairs was scary as someone with a fear of both heights and falling down stairs…). Check out Lorna’s blog also getting hyped for the number of carol services available at this time of year!

After the carol service a couple of went out for dinner at Ottoman in Hammersmith. This is another side note but definitely go to Ottoman if you find yourself down Hammersmith way. It’s a Turkish kebab restaurant that serves very reasonably sized portions of meat, rice and salad AND there is free bread. The food is delicious and fresh, the service is great and one of the friends I went with has been there enough times that the waiting staff greet him with a handshake and know his order by heart. It’s hilarious. Whenever ‘Ottoman’s?’ is suggested everyone knows what the right answer is.

Have a great last week of term friends and I hope that you have a peaceful Christmas! xox


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