Just a note…

It’s about 1am, I can’t sleep, so I thought I might as well blog.

The blog’s been a bit quiet lately – the opposite of everything else in my life. I can’t believe it’s been over two months – it feels more like two minutes.

Since then, ICSM will have made all their offers to potential Freshers. So, to all of you who received offers…. CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to the best medical school on the planet (I’m not at all biased…)

For those of you who didn’t, don’t give up. I didn’t get into med school first time round, so I took a gap year and worked as a healthcare assistant. I’m so glad I had that opportunity – I learnt so much, which has come in pretty useful. So, my advice to anyone who didn’t get a place is to not give up – do something which will make medical schools desperate for you to choose them, and have some fun along the way.

It’s exciting and weird thinking about the new Freshers. A year ago that was me, getting really excited about the six years ahead of me at ICSM, and now the first is nearly over. I can’t wait for second year – the stuff we study sounds really interesting, I’ll be living with my best friends (if we ever get round to finding a house…) and hopefully I’ll adopt a medic kid or two. My medic mum has been really supportive this year – my aim is to be as good a mum as she is 🙂

I can’t remember when all the deadlines for everything are, but I’m guessing that the new freshers will be starting to choose accommodation, fill in the vast quantities of forms that get sent out, etc etc etc? I didn’t actually get the chance to look inside any of the accommodation before I applied. All the halls have their pros and cons, but most people are really happy with wherever they end up. I’ve been lucky enough to live in Willis Jackson, one of the Evelyn Gardens halls (never again will I be able to say that I live in Chelsea…) All five EG halls are closing at the end of this year, which is such a shame – they have the advantage of being a 20 minute walk from campus, and cost a lot less than the halls in Princes Gardens. Weeks hall, one of the other less expensive halls, is also closing. New ‘budget’ halls have been built out in Acton to replace them – Woodward hall is really modern, has a gym, restaurant, bar and plenty of social space, and single ensuites cost only £126/per week. It has a lot in its favour – but then there’s the issue of having a 40 minute commute to campus. As I said before, pros and cons.

I have so much from the last couple of months that I’ve not quite got round to blogging about, so over the next few weeks I’ll try to blog a bit about everything that’s been going on. Exams start on the 8th of June, so at the moment life is revise, eat, sleep, repeat. Hopefully a bit of blogging will keep me sane…

Good luck to anyone else who has exams coming up soon 🙂

Blog again soon,

Em xx

p.s. I’ve just found half a blog post that I wrote over Easter and never got round to putting up … oops.

p.p.s. if what I’ve written is incomprehensible, please remember that it’s 1.30am….

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