Tips for Being Ill at Uni

Because being ill is no fun when you’re on your own and your mum isn’t there to bring you cups of tea. (Can you tell that I am coming down with a cold at this very moment?)

1. Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water and hot tea to avoid the headachey part.

2. The best offence is a good defence. Read as: EAT YOUR FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. I had absolutely horrendous freshers flu last year (as in, it lasted for three weeks and culminated in tonsilitis) and I’m pretty sure it’s because my kitchen in halls was carb central and vitamin and mineral free. However much it might be tempting to live off only pasta and pesto, please don’t do it. It will only end badly.

3. Register at the Health Centre during freshers week. The IC Health Centre has a walk in clinic every morning which, when there is a problem that needs to be seen to that day (say, I don’t know, you go ice skating and fall over multiple times, also pulling your friends down with you and sprain your wrist), is very useful BUT you can’t make use of the clinic if you’re not registered. So seriously just register.

4. Don’t push yourself too far. If you’re really unwell, there is no shame in having a duvet day. There’s no point making yourself even worse by struggling through a six hour lab or going to cadaveric dissection or whatever it is your degree likes to do on the average day at college.

5. Take care of friends. Check up on your buddies if you haven’t seen them for a day or two, make sure they’re ok and bring them a cup of tea or something. Also if you’ve had a night out, don’t be the person who leaves the drunk friend to fend for themselves. Sometimes this requires going above and beyond the call of duty (after one memorable incident back in first year, my friend had to take his roommate home early, put him in the shower and then put him to bed. That’s next level) but mostly, it’s just making sure they have a drink of water and get in to their room without any major mishaps. Stick together yo.

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