Let it snow

I have to say I am quite disappointed that I haven’t seen a single snowflake thus far; it seems liIMG_2726ke I always miss it. First, the snowstorm at the end of December (I was in Oman enjoying the magnificent warmth and sunlight after many a bleak, grey days) and then, the day after I leave Reading, it snows there. It was my first time outside of London (I really should go out more!!). I was visiting a friend of mine who studies there. It was interesting to experience the differences between London and a large town (my friend insists that Reading is not a city, but on the edge of one). The people there seem to be more relaxed and at ease, unlike Londoners who always look so busy. It is the sort of place where you can actually encounter someone you met a week ago randomly in a store, so you have to be extra cautious. For instance, I don’t really mind if I make a fool out of myself in London once in a while because nobody will remember it and it is very unlikely that I would run into the people who witnessed it. That is not the case in Reading- just a heads up, so you won’t say I didn’t warn you!

Despite it being colder, sadly it did not snow. I was really hopingIMG_2736 I would see real, natural snow not that artificial white fluff you see in the Middle East. Even with the snowstorm that raged over the UK this week, South Kensington had no share. I have given up all hope but today, when I woke up and looked at the window, what do I see? Snow!! Or as meteorologists would put it ‘snow shower’. I shook of the lethargy of sleep, rushed to get dressed and hurried outside. Alas, by the time I left the building it had turned into a ‘rain shower’. At least I saw something!

Last Wednesday was a day marked in everybody’s calendar: it was Refresher’s Fair. Basically it is a ‘take two’ of the Fresher’s Fair, but scheduled so that students-especially Freshers- would have had a go at university life and seen what they actually want to do and what kind of time they can spare. So perhaps we are all a little wiser this time around. It was not like the first Freshers’ Fair with fewer societies and clubs participating but there was certainly enough to keep youIMG_2759 (2) occupied for those two hours. I have signed up for Imperial Plus; a volunteering club that recognises the hours that you put in and gives you a certificate which also runs a few workshops. I was disheartened to learn that some of the volunteers actually picked the poppies at Tower Hill and I was not a part of that. Hopefully, there will be exciting opportunities this year as well.

As a way of celebrating my passing of MATLAB (a computer programming software that made my life imposible for a while)-barely, I might add- my friend and I watched ‘Matilda the Musical’. It was the first musical I have ever watched, even the first theatre I have been to (I REALLY should get out more!!) and it was a surreal experience. It was mesmerising, especially how good the young actors were and the amount of effort and hard work that goes into productions like these is just astounding. And let’s not forget the superb performance of the actor portraying Miss Trunchbull. The whole affair was splendid and I cannot wait to watch another one.IMG_2797

In other news, the Spring Test is fast approaching and I have to confess that I have been procrastinating, so I must get some work done this weekend (yesterday doesn’t count, I needed to close the MATLAB chapter of my life once and for all, although I am certain I will revisit it in the upcoming years but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it).

Unfortunately, this is when I part with you, well at least until the Spring Test is done, because if you don’t get an ‘acceptable’ mark you buy yourself an interview. So less blogging and more studying for now!



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