The Exam Tips You Haven’t Heard Of…

Last Thursday was my last exam for the year.

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Sadly I still have two assignments to hand in this Thursday, and I must say, this exam season has been an all-time low in terms of stress. It’s like the stress was so much that I literally shut down and my mind couldn’t concentrate on anything. Usually I’m the annoying one who’s still reading right up until the last minute. Yep, I’m that person who enters the exam hall still trying to get some last minute information in, prepared to keep reading until the examiner says, “Put your flashcards away!” That’s me. But last week my mind couldn’t focus at all.

But Nebz, you should have been prepared. -_- You’ve been through this before, blah blah blah…” That’s the sound of my thoughts lecturing me. And they’re right – having gone through three years of exams and assignment deadlines during my undergraduate degree, I should be able to deal with it all now. Heck, I thought doing a post-grad degree would be easier to deal with – but I clearly deceived myself there!

I know that some of you poor souls have been through exams already and still have more coming in June. Not wanting  you to go through what I’ve been through, I’ve devised a fool-proof plan on how to avoid that black hole of doom that’s ever so easy to fall into. Just follow these 5 steps, complete with illustration!

1. Don’t decide you have to suddenly save the world. This is not the time, and you do not have the superpowers.

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2. I know it seems more interesting right now, but don’t decide to concentrate on that essay that’s due in five months’ time, just don’t.

3. Don’t sleep. Yes everyone needs rest, but not at 9am, you just got out of bed.

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4. If your room is not messy, don’t tidy it. Don’t try to mess it up in an attempt to tidy it either.

5. And when it’s really getting close and you feel like there’s no hope left, do not get involved in extreme sports in an attempt to get a minor injury and apply for mitigating circumstances. Chances are it’s too late to apply anyway.

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At the end of the day I guess I’m saying – don’t procrastinate. But I’m sure you’ve heard that before!


~ Nebz

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  1. Very funny. Good advice too. Nothing passes exams better than simply working hard and revising…bah…sleeping feels so good though…

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