Operalalalalalala *sung to the tune of ‘Deck the Halls’*

Yesterday I came home for Christmas. Being home is both weird and wonderful.

Weird because first term can’t possibly have gone so quickly, and because living in a village is a bit quiet after London.

But wonderful because I love home: cuddles with my cat, having my family around, making plans to meet up with friends who I haven’t seen for ages, being looked after by my mum, telly (I caught up on Downton Abbey this morning, in time for the Christmas special!) Also, I finally have time to stop – this term has been crazily busy, and while it was mostly crazily fun, having time to catch up on sleep is good too – you can only survive so long on caffeine…

*Excuse to show everyone pictures of my cat*
*Excuse to show everyone pictures of my cat*

The problem with having spare time is having time to be ill. I never really got rid of my Freshers’ flu, and have had a cold/cough for about ten of the eleven weeks I’ve been at Imperial, but since term finished it’s got worse. I’ve slept most of today and am writing this in bed with a hot water bottle and a mug of Lemsip (yum!) My mum’s decided that I’m probably ill because I haven’t been eating healthily enough (she may have a point) so for dinner she’s cooking something with about ten of my five-a-day. I love not having to cook my own dinner – and even better, not having to wash up. Until October, I never appreciated how wonderful having a dishwasher is.

I plan to spend the rest of this week recovering, having fun and being festive, and then the remaining two weeks of the holiday I’m going to be trying to learn some of the MCD (Molecules, Cells and Disease) stuff we’ve been taught this term, in preparation for an exam on the first day back (boo!) Now that we’ve actually finished lectures I’m suddenly realising that there’s quite a lot to learn… but first I plan to enjoy Christmas!

The last two weeks have been particularly busy, with various assignments due in, and Opera the week before last. The show was ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ and being part of it (in the band – obviously the best bit!) was amazing. Rehearsals have been going on most of this term, and all the hard work paid off (in between all the messing about and having fun). Huge thank you and well done to everyone involved, especially Nicky, our wonderful music director/conductor.

Opera Band is the best!
Opera Band is the best!
...but Cast is also amazing :)
…but Cast is also amazing 🙂
Band <3
Band <3

I was really sad when Opera week was over, but the next performance is already in the works – some songs for Arts Review in February – and I’m in the chorus, yay! Although I can’t imagine how as my dancing in the audition was appalling…

Aside from that there’s lots more exciting stuff happening next term: first years are starting LSS (Life Support Systems) which sounds a lot more interesting than MCD; RAG week in February to raise money for charity (I’m not entirely sure what this involves but it was happening when I went for my interview in January and all the first years were dressed as superheroes); and lots of under-undergraduates coming for interviews – I’ve signed up to give campus tours on some of the interview days and am looking forward to meeting some of the potential new members of the ICSM family 🙂

To anyone with an interview coming up in the next few months: congratulations for getting this far, and GOOD LUCK! I was so nervous before my interview, but it was the friendliest, most relaxed interview I had 🙂

Actually feeling much better now – clearly the combination of Lemsip, a hot water bottle and blogging works. Right, I’m off on a mince-pie-hunt.

Finally – and most importantly: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!

Em x

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