10 Reasons Why I Love Coming Home

1. Getting your laundry done for you and not having to leave it out to dry for three days because…

2. The heating is on for a substantial amount of time each day. And you don’t have to worry about what your heating bill will look like at the end of the month.

3. There is food?? Like all the time??!? You don’t have to eat breakfast cereal for lunch. And that is great.

4. Sofas and TV.

5. There is always milk so you don’t have to run to the shop when you need a cup of tea in an emergency.

6. You can visit your childhood best friends who live five minutes away from you.

7. Revisiting childhood when you sleep in your old room.

8. Fam time. I miss mine a ton when I’m away.

9. Also babies. My mum looks after kiddies for a living so I love playing with the babies when I come home.

10. Getting out of London. It’s good to be able to slow down from the pace of London life for a while!

Happy Christmas y’all!

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