The second year work/life balance begins..

So freshers came to a close and I jetted of to France for my birthday weekend at 7am after beach bop. We had hired out a castle in rural France all to ourselves…it was amazing! Then came back to London and back to reality. There is just so much content this year and it is a mission trying to stay on top of it all already…ahh!

We have done a bit of pharmacology, neuro, endo, haem and ANATOMY!  I reaaaaally love anatomy this year. We are currently doing anatomy of head which is so interesting (mostly because you get to examine human brains..).

I went home over the weekend for Diwali and it was so nice to just be back home for a bit and chill out. I even tried to look over lectures and content. Luckily, Panopto went down just when I needed it.

Now the next few days consists of hallowwwwen events. We have Halloween sports night tonight, Halloween RAG megaevent tomorrow and then Friday is Halloween BOP hosted by Mens Hockey! I have stocked up on Halloween fancy dress and am SO EXCITED. But then I know also that the workload is starting to pile up too. Getting this balance this year between work and play is tricky but I think I am coping well at the moment. (I hope.)

How am I coping? Daily to-do lists, reminder apps on my phone, parents and friends I can rely on to remind me of stuff too. I am watching lectures back and then reading through notes from ICSM notebank when I can. I have even created a brand new Year 2 Spotify Playlist which keeps me going. Year 2 is clearly not as difficult as the later years but it is certainly a jump from Year 1 and that calls for a brand new playlist (ofc!). I also got a new blanket which is furry and warm and perfect for post lecture naps. I am ready for this year.

I guess it will take some time management and prioritising in second year to not drown in the work, but also to maintain a social life. Making sure that I am working, enjoying life, keeping up with extracurricular commitments and also keeping in touch with friends and family is proving harder to balance than it was last year. I’m sure it will be fine…even if I have to wake up a bit earlier to get stuff done.

#WorkHardPlayHard #*WorkHardWorkHard #WhoamIkidding

Castle in France!
Castle in France!

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  1. I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your blog! I love your humour and your style of writing 🙂

    Blog Post Request: Why I wanted to study medicine…?
    Have an awesome day

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