Congratulations to the Imperial Fresher Class 2014!!

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone that has received A level/ AS results today (including my sister!).

And an even bigger WELCOME to everyone that is going to be joining us at Imperial School of Medicine / Imperial in general next year. You must all be super happy- I remember the pure relief i had when I saw my UCAS track update.

To those of you that missed your grades, do not give up today. Talk to relevant staff at universities and explain your circumstances clearly- fingers crossed. Remember: you always have options.

What now? Well once you have secured that place its like a month of joy and fun. Start preparing for university and buying endless amounts of cutlery and stationary. You have succeeded over the ridiculous amounts of hurdles to get into the university of your choice!! Be careful not to miss deadlines now for forms/ vaccine requests!

I am honestly really looking forward to meeting you all in October for freshers 2014. Have a fantastic night celebrating and welcome to Imperial 🙂

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